Road Trip Takeout Route: Boston -> Burlington

The McD’s thread got me thinking that it would be cool to have some threads about good takeout spots along major travel corridors within the group’s geographic area. I’m going to nominate Boston to Burlington VT.

Ground rules:

  • At least 30 minutes from either end of the route.
  • Takeout-amenable (drive-thru or easy parking )
  • Within a few miles of an exit from:

Rt 95 (North of the Mass Turnpike to the Rt 93 interchange)
Rt 93 (North of Boston -> Rt 89 Interchange)
Rt 3 (North of 95 interchange thru where it merges back with 93)
Rt 89 (NH -> Burlington VT)

Extra points for places between of Concord NH and Montpelier, as it gets much more sparse there. Some nominations:

  • Daw Kun (Manchester, NH, near airport) excellent Thai
  • Dairy Twirl (West Lebanon, NH) Ice Cream, particularly some interesting Soft Serve flavors
  • Worthy Burger (S. Royalton VT)
  • Saap (Randolph, VT) another exellent Thai (Northern, mostly)
  • There are a number of places in Montpelier, but I’ll pick Mad Taco.

I’ll be very interested in this thread as I consider this drive a relative wasteland and usually don’t plan on stopping.

One tip a friend gave us a few years back was Phnom Penh in Lebanon, NH (very easy on and off 89). Great bahn mi.

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Love Worthy Burger!

Blue Loon bakery in New London, NH. Going north you can exit I89 at exit 11 then get back on at exit 12. Excellent baked goods, coffee, sandwiches. Open for breakfast and lunch. Check days of the week, their schedule is a bit funky.


Also Tuckerbox in White River Junction. Excellent coffee, sandwiches.

And Chef Brad’s Crazy Side, Quechee VT. Essentially a food truck up on blocks. Some of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. Eclectic menu.


One more I’ll throw in is Red Hen Baking in Middlesex, VT on Rt 2 (very easy on and off 89). This one just satisfies the criteria of 30 min from end of route.

Excellent sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. If you don’t want to eat in the car, there is a really nice community space with picnic tables behind the building, that sometimes has interesting events going on. A few nights a week they cook pizzas in a wood oven back there as well.


I would add the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier, nice selection of beers/ciders and some really good comfort food. Located in the downtown area, maybe 2 miles off Rt 89.
And if you are in that area on Saturday mornings check out the farmer’s market.