Road trip dining in Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids/Holland, MI?

DH and I are driving to northern MI to meet up with the fam for a week on Lake MI, and have decided to break up our trip with one night in Pittsburgh (he wants to see the Pirates at PNC) and another night in Grand Rapids or Holland, MI. Dining recs for either or both? I’m a mid-Michigan native but have not been to the Grand Rapids area in at least 25 years. I know the beer scene is big there - any guidance on breweries would also be welcome. TIA, HOs!


I know a couple of yinzers.
Let me share your question with them.

An initial response from Ralph arrives

“I really like DiAnoia’s in Pittsburgh, and it’s not very far from PNC Park.
For a bit more character but not as good quality, Max’s Allegheny Tavern has solid German food.”

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Primanti Brothers sandwiches are a thing.

I’ll look up the upscale casual restaurant that I liked downtown last time I stayed downtown.

I had a nice German meal at a place in Old Economy Village north of Pittsburgh- it’s a bit of a tourist site.

In Toledo, we usually eat at chains near Perrysburg. I did enjoy a tater tot scramble at a diner in an industrial plaza near there. I think you avoid carbs, though?

If you like Art, recommend the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and the Toledo Museum of Art.

Can’t help with Grand Rapids. (Can recommend Sister Pie in Detroit)

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Thanks! No Toledo or Detroit this time, though I will keep Sister Pie in mind for the next time I’m there. We avoid carbs generally but vacations/road trips are a dietary free-for-all. Would appreciate the Pittsburgh rec when you have time. We thought about Primanti but it seems gimmicky, plus I’d rather just have my fries alongside my sandwich!


Will check this out, thanks!

For reference:

The restaurant I went to might have been Meat & Potatoes. It was a gastropub close to Heinz Hall. It’s been a several years.

The Harmony Inn, north of Pittsburgh, is where I had the German American food. My cousins like it.

I’m always tied up with family stuff. This place has been around for a long time, but I still haven’t been.

I sent my uncle a Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte for his birthday in 2020. I haven’t tried it yet. One cousin orders one for her bday each year.

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