Road food I-75, Florida

Quick options near the interstate that aren’t National chains/fast food are slim to none. I was happy to find Mary’s Cuban Kitchen Express the other day!

This location is just to the east of I-75 on the southern end of Ocala. Exit 341 (where Don Garlit’s Museum of Drag Racing is) . The restaurant is attached to a gas station. There is a table you can stand at but no seating - express basically means to-go! I had a very generous pressed Miami style Cuban. Could have used more mustard and pickles but that’s just me. A large café con leche kept me jazzed for the 9 hours I still had ahead of me. Guava/cream cheese pastry was quite good too. If you are fastidious about your car don’t eat the pastry while driving - very, very flaky! Total for all three items with tax was $11.22.

Other sandwiches and pastries available plus breakfast items. Signage indicates open 7-7 seven days a week.

Please share any other gems for I-75 in Florida which are exit friendly!

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You had us with Don Garlits, so maybe you’ll forgive us for bringing up Sonny’s. Decent barbecue for the road, though it’s a chain.

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Sonny’s is a good option in Florida. Part of my drive is on 301 and I’ve stopped at the Sonny’s in Starke more than once! (I’ve edited the opening post to specify “National” chains.)

My favorite Cubano is Tampa Bay/Ybor City style, with Genoa salami added. There is only one place here that does it and I am by no means an expert on Cubanos. What is meant by Miami style?

If memory serves, our first Cubano was here:

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By the way, your mention of Big Daddy reminded us of Shirley Cha cha Muldowney and Don the Snake Prudhomme.

Miami style has no salami. I prefer an Ybor City Cuban too but this trip didn’t allow for one…There are no good Cubans in my home area so this sandwich was a treat!

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