RiverMarket, Tarrytown with a group...

I had been invited to a seminar hosted by a financial advisory group for cocktails and dinner at RiverMarket Bar & Kitchen in Tarrytown. Had not visited this restaurant for quite a while, since it opened about 3 years ago. It was a beautiful evening near the Hudson River and guests were mingling at the sprawling bar and outside on the patio. A constant stream of appetizers were served as we chatted, most of which were quite good, especially the small chicken drumsticks (tapered wings) and the slices of wood fired pizza. Drinks of all kinds flowed freely. I spotted partner Glenn Vogt scanning the room throughout the night. Vogt is also a partner at Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua.
There were about 75 of us. Once we sat down we were able to select items from a set menu. There were choices for each course. As a starter I ordered the Handmade Gnocchi in a grass-fed beef Bolognese sauce, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms and parmesan. It was a hefty portion for a first course. Also had a spoonful of a guest’s Lobster Bisque. My main course was a beautiful platter of Sugar Hill Farm Short Ribs with shiso scallion gremolata, local sautéed vegetables and garlic soy sauce. Another generous portion. Tried a neighbor’s Hidden Fjord Faroe Islands Salmon, too. For dessert I settled for a nice bowl of Fresh Berries with a selection of sorbet.
The dinner was very good, overall. More than ample. I know it was a catered event.
Caveat: The problem was in the private room. Though the staff did their best and were right on when it came to plate placement, it was the room itself that lacked the proper acoustics for this sort of meeting. It was hard to hear amid all the buzz inside and out in the main dining room.
I would go back on my own though. The food was up there…

I wish that they would change their menu up. It has barely changed at all since the opening. Also it’s really a shame they don’t have some more moderately priced entrees especially given how fabulous their bar is. I would be at that bar a lot more often if I could get an entree at a reasonable price. Their main cocktail guy is really impressive.

Interesting to hear about the private event, thanks for the report…

How does it compare to Crabtree?

I haven’t had enough food from RM to even comment. Aside from two burgers, the cheapest thing on the entree menu is a $30 chicken SALAD. It’s really outrageous. Occasionally we will eat at the bar and we stick to their burgers and some appetizers. My husband likes their pizza but to me it’s nothing special (I’d rather go to Fortina). I really don’t think the atmosphere or service warrants the high prices at all. It’s that typical Crabtree scattered service that we know and (don’t) love… :slight_smile:

A sampling of their entrees…

Main Course‎
HiddenFjord Faroe Islands Salmon
Faroe islands, roasted cauliflower & baby carrots, herbed couscous, beurre rouge
Tuna Steak Au Poivre
Seared rare, cracked black peppercorns, cognac cream sauce, asparagus, potato pancake
Barnegat Inlet Sea Scallops
Butternut squash & wild mushroom risotto, chanterelle mushrooms, hudson valley foie gras sauce
Maine Lobster Salad
Chilled maine lobster on local lettuces, heirloom legumes, orange, le puy lentils, avocado, orange citrus vinaigrette
Hemlock Hill Farm Roast Chicken
Roasted local root vegetables, creamy garlic potato purée, chicken jus
Hemlock Hill Farm Roast Chicken Salad

The prices are insane. And if the service is like Crabtree, I will pass, thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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