“ Ritzy Palace, Woodbine & Steeles, Markham “ - Excellent cuisine, worth braving the frigidly cold weather for!

The last time I ate at this favorite spot of mine was way before I had my two separate bouts with Covid. Keeping our fingers crossed that nothing has changed and quality of food still remains the same. Tonight, our party of 6, all bundled up and braving -14C weather decided to have our weekly family dinner there. Arriving early at 6.00pm, as expected, the place was empty.

First thing that caught our eyes was the ‘ Peking Duck Special ‘! Normally priced at $55 for two ways, it is now being offered at a most attractive $39.99!! Ordering that was obviously a no brainer! In addition, our order revisited some of their house specialties as well as some of our long standing favorites.
Dishes ordered consist of the following:

  • Peking Duck Two Ways ( Crispy Skin and Crepe wrap; Stirred fry diced meat
    and mixed vegetables, lettuce pockets; $15 supplement )
  • Pan seared Filet Mignon Cubes with Garlic and Maggi Sauce
  • Fried Jumbo Fanny bay Oysters with Honey Pepper Glaze
  • Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Duck Egg Yolk Coating
  • Clay Pot Rice with Chinese Wind-dried Preserved Meat and Sausages
  • Complimentary desserts of Toasted Black Sesame Dessert Soup; Mango
    Jello Pudding.

All in all, the food was masterfully executed, exceptionally tasty and as enjoyable as before.
A special mention goes to those perfectly seared, medium rare and tender, aromatic and exotic tasting filet steak nuggets. Amazingly delicious! Reminiscent of Hong Kong famed ‘Tai Ping Koon‘, colonial/western style preparation of their house-special pan-seared minute-steak!
Both Prawns and oyster dishes were both very well done. The crunchy prawns with the gooey, super-tasty egg yolk coating a definite stand out. The Peking Duck both ways were also as good as before. The stirred fry component for the lettuce pocket wrap exuded delightful wok-hay aroma and smokey taste.

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