Ritu Ki Rasoi, Burlington

in a neverending quest to create some new content for Hungry Onion, i’m here to post about another Boston area place that maybe everyone knows about already, but what the heck. Maybe putting up posts about old faves will inspire others to do the same. I really only come by Boston on weekends, so this is all I have to offer, in any event. In any case, last weekend I went to Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington with my gf, and while we eschewed the buffet (which looked quite good) we ordered some killer stuff from the menu.

We got a fantastic chaat from the menu–the Bombay Bhel, really great combo of flavors, a little crunchy puffed rice, some cilantro, a spicy/sweet sauce, some fresh cukes, some soft potato. I’m a sucker for chaat in general, but this one was great.

Also had a nice vegetable uttapam with nice flavor. And got a killer gunpowder dosa, that had a great crunchy texture and a fine unctuous mouthfeel tho maybe it could have been a little spicier. It was still really good.

The folks that run this place were really nice as well. I want to go back–please let me know if you have been here, and there are other menu items worth trying.


try the weekend buffet and the regional wednesday night buffet

I’ve had many fantastic things at their Wednesday evening buffets, which most often feature the dishes of a different region each week. But I have no idea what their names are because when I DO recognize a dish’s name, it is spelled quite atypically. So that makes it impossible to do homework about the dish names I’'ve never before seen. There are often flavors which I’ve never encountered previously, but enjoy.

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hmmm, will do. it did look promising!

The folks at RKR really know how to do buffet. There’s always good variety, items get replenished often, and fresh bread and dosas are brought to your table. The weekend & Wednesday night buffets are fairly elaborate but even the smaller-scale weekday lunch buffets are great.

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I’ve been to Ritu Ki Rasoi many, many times but I have never ordered from the menu. I usually go for their lunch buffet which is always delicious and always has a lot of variety. I don’t think anyone mentioned that RKR is a n Indian vegetarian restaurant so if you are looking for meat dishes you will be out of luck. There are several things that make RKR a “hidden gem”. The food is well prepared and, according to my Indian friends, very authentic. The dishes on the buffet vary from day-to-day so there is always a lot of variety. I’ve also had dishes at RKR that I’ve never seen at standard Indian restaurants. If you choose the buffet the waitstaff circulates around the restaurant serving freshly made dosas, chaptis and pooris. Wednesday night is the only night the buffet is served but as someone mentioned it features regional dishes from around India. In addition the waitstaff and the owner (Ms Ritu) are all very friendly and are happy to tell you about any of the dishes is you’re not familiar with Indian food. If you like Indian food I highly recommend that you visit RKR. You won’t be disappointed.


I have not been there for a long time. I do remember that the people were very nice and the food was good, if a bit mild. Hoping that it is still the same.

this was how I felt about my gunpowder dosa. It was good, but I wanted it to have a bit more heat.

The nice folks at Ritu Ki Rasoi will tweak the dosas on request. I’ve heard folks who thought they were too spicy aks for milder or plain ones. A friend who can’t stand cilantro gets them made without. I bet they’ll make them hotter if you ask.

ah, good to know! next time i’ll ask for more heat.