Ristorante Giorgia Rumson NJ

Anyone been here? Sure some have but haven’t seen a dedicated thread to it. Buddy of mine wanted to try it as someone gave him a gift certificate to the place. Food looks moderately priced for where it’s located. Looks like a place with a lot of specials as menu is pretty limited.

I’ve been twice but several years ago. The first time was really delicious and fun. The second time, everything was flat, the place was crazy loud and we had to wait for our table. The restaurant is small and quite tight so there isn’t a good place to wait. I would give it another shot if someone else is paying ha!

Appreciate the feedback. If we end up going I’ll report back. I did happen to read the same about it being a small space, overcrowded and loud.

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Very similar to @gracieggg I went a few times several years ago and decided there is far better closer to home. The space is small and tight and it does get super loud and they have nowhere to wait if your reservation / table isn’t ready. All in all I had no reason to ever return. Food was good…but not so great I felt I needed to return.

As I said I think in the Undici post, this is one of those places that with average food does very well just because of it’s location.


I’ve been twice and can echo the opinions above. Our meals were fine, but we had to get up and they moved our table over at one point to let another party out. Completely ridiculous.