Rising Eagle Public House Melrose, MA

Finally got the chance to visit this much anticipated (locally) new place in downtown Melrose. Formerly Stearns and Hill Bistro the interior has been totally renovated by the family that owns Turner’s . Both Joe and Jim were on hand when we were there on Wednesday night. No reservations, no call aheads - you come in look at the menu choose a food item to order along with a beverage if you want with the bartender. He/she then gives you a spoon with a number on it you take to your table and place in a holder for the server to see. As different as it was it works. Server came over to check what had been ordered, answered a few questions - soup of the day, fish of the day - left us to decide.

Ordered the fish of the day - haddock with panko crumbs baked with a beurre blanc sauce on side served with sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes - and the Yankee Pot Roast . the latter was chunks - not slices - of fork tender beef sitting on a pool of dark pan gravy served with oven roasted potatoes and braised whole carrots. Both entrees were $20 each. We split them as well as a Scotch Egg app served with a mustard sauce and a little arugula.

Extensive beer list on draught, wines on tap as well as by glass and bottle all from CA.

Room was comfortable, able to talk and hear. Definitely a place to return to. Opens at 4:30 pm.https://www.risingeaglepublickhouse.com/dineinmenu


Cool. Thanks for the review!

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Sounds like a place every neighborhood would like to have!

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That’s what I liked about it - a meal if you want one, something to go with a beer or glass of wine - plus a bar that separate but visible to the other seating - and a fireplace in the dining area actually more of a hearth now that I think of it.

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Sounds perfect!

I think the spoon concept is silly, but if it works for them, fine. However, I will not visit due to the 5% “voluntary” surcharge to help pay the wages for the BOH and FOH staff. If they don’t pay the staff enough, don’t expect me to chip in. And they have just publicly admitted that they don’t. It’s not the money since it’s only a buck on a $20 meal, it’s just the principle. Besides that, if they have sales of a million/year (and that’s low) then this is another 50K that they don’t have to pay the staff. Raise the prices, or lower the profit, so that the staff can be paid.


I tip 25 to 30% or higher everywhere, but a voluntary surcharge doesn’t work for me. We need to get away from the tip system and pay fair, living wages, so I agree, adjust your prices to pay your people…which seem harder and harder to get these days.