Rico Rico Taco [Oakland, Lakeshore]

This tiny new taco shop, next to the recently closed (after 30 years) Yogurt Deluxe offers fresh pressed tortillas and from what I tasted opening weekend some pretty solid tacos.
The tortillas are of the thick sort which I don’t like once they have cooled and been reheated because they’re too stiff, but here they let the corn flavor shine through. I also really enjoyed the carnitas I got–well seasoned and well crisped, the crisp version has been lacking from a lot of the old-school standards these days. The fish taco was well balanced, though the fried fish itself wasn’t as crispy as I had hoped. After noticing an actual spit for the al pastor (with 1/2 pineapple on top) I will definitely check that out next time.

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Oops, I meant to add that while the fresh-pressed tortillas are good, the tacos are a bit difficult to eat as the proportion of toppings overflows the small tortillas–I’ll have to order chips and salsa next time to pick up the overflow.

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No Forks? No Sporks?

If someone snapped a picture of me eating tacos with a fork I could never be elected president.


Interesting. What was the price of a taco?

I always go for an Al Pastor if the spit is prominent and it has a big pineapple on it.