Rick's Seafood in Mahopac, NY - Really good fish restaurant that's BYOB

We ate at Rick’s Seafood in Mahopac, NY (Route 6, about 6 miles east of the Taconic) for the second time this weekend and had excellent meals both times. I’ve driven past them probably hundreds of times over the years and never ate there until I noticed a coupon I got in the mail. It’s a retail fish market with tables, kind of like I believe Conte’s in Mt. Kisco is (I’ve never been there). I had a Blackened Tuna the first time and Chilean Sea Bass the second. My wife had Grilled Shrimp with a garlic sauce one time and Lobster and Shrimp Newburgh (with large pieces of lobster) the other. Entrees come with a salad so we did not try appetizers. They also come with a squash, carrot and red pepper mixture (not overcooked) and either roasted potatoes or french fries (the roasted potatoes are excellent).

Since it’s a fish market, you know (well, you’d expect) that the fish is fresh and both times I’ve seen them take it right out of the case after ordering. Both the tuna and sea bass were excellent quality, generous portions. The bread is just slices/chunks and both times was kind of crusty on the ends so I assume it’s intentional, served with a dish of crushed garlic in oil. The garlic and oil made up for the crusty ends. Entrees were generally $25-32 but portions were generous.

A big plus for many will be that it’s BYOB. There’s even a liquor store next door if you didn’t bring anything.

They have a coupon available on the Money Mailer site (that envelope you get in the mail and probably throw away) for Buy 1 get 1 entree free valid on Sunday and Monday nights or other deals other weekdays. My meal the other night cost $32 (just the sea bass, the lobster/shrimp dish was free), plus tax and tip of course.

Here’s the link to the current coupon.


The menu is on their Opentable page:


Only negative is the service is lackluster. The first time, they had two servers. This time they only had one, although the service actually seemed to be better this time. And of course the atmosphere is kind of lacking being as how it’s a fish market.

We’re definitely going to be regulars, especially as long as they have the coupon!


Yes, Conte’s is the one. I’m not a fish eater though so while this sounds good, not for me!! And BYOB in this area is great. That’s what adds up on the bill.