Richmond Station - Valentine's Day 2023 takeout [Toronto]

Only a few places this year were offering takeout dinner specials for Valentine’s Day. Alo had a fairly nice one, but it was similar to what we had from them at New Year’s. So we went with another favourite, Richmond Station. All in all it was a lovely dinner to have at home, with only a little bit of heating and plating involved.

Although the meal came with a lovely bottle of 2019 Kew Vineyards Pinot Meunier natural brut, we decided to order an extra cocktail (after all, we weren’t driving):

Milk punch cocktail: rum melange, Jim Beam Black, calvados, absinthe, Earl Grey, pineapple, spices - fun, mildly sweet with some bitter complexity.

Parmesan sable with truffle butter - delicate and flaky, with very truffle-y butter.

Smoked beet salad: whipped ricotta, three colours of beets, endive, hazelnuts, ice wine vinaigrette - very smokey, with the creamy ricotta offset by the vinaigrette.

Hand-cut macaroni with roasted squash, black trumpet mushrooms, cave-aged comte sauce, candied pumpkin seeds - basically a decadent gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese.

Braised grass-fed organic beef shank, celeriac puree, baby king oyster mushrooms, pickled pearl onions, red wine jus - meltingly soft beef with a rich jus that was one step too salty.
Pain au lait, whipped butter, maldon salt - lovely.

Chocolate fondue with brownie bites, coconut balls, butterscotch cookies (6 each) - the chocolate was dark, with hints of orange and alcohol (perhaps some liqueur added). The brownie was particularly delicious. Enough stuff for dessert over the next few nights.


Just one word: DANG!

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