Rice Paper in the Eden center

Flem Snopes and I recently shared a fine lunch at Rice Paper. We started with the clam/pork appetizer with sesame rice crackers that at first glance looked disturbingly like granite

It was a big hit, as was our first entree, the lemongrass chicken

with an exceptionally good sauce. This was another standout dish.

The other entree was a combination plate of skewers of pork and seafood (a scallop and some squid); a couple of beef stuffed grape leaves; and some shrimp paste wrapped around sugar cane

along with vermicelli patties and leaves of basil, mint, and lettuce, all accompanied by a contraption with a packet of dry rice paper rounds and trench of water.

rice papaer disc

You twirl a disk in the water

with more or less dexterity. The disc softens, you place it on your plate, add goodies from the combo, and wrap it into a roll/burrito with astonishing manual dexterity. Or you clumsily make a mess. Either way, it was delicious.
A fine meal with fine company.


The combo grilled meats with rice paper is one of my favorite meals at Eden Center. Good to know about the lemongrass chicken, so thanks for the rec.

The minced clam with sesame crackers is always a winner no matter where you go.

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Not sure if you were having trouble with the Rice Papers but you just wet the Paper (don’t wait for it to soften) and lay it over your Plate, it is still quite stiff at this point. in a Minute or so it will be soft enough to fill and roll easily.

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I did have some trouble, which happens when I don’t pay attention. Thanks!