Rice noodle rolls at Joyful Kitchen, SF

I can’t remember how I initially heard about this place, but it had been on my “to try” list for a while, and finally made it in yesterday.

Had the shrimp rice noodle rolls w/ added egg, and they were great. Then ordered some beef ones which were less great (mainly due to quality of the beef), but still good. Sweet soy sauce was on each table, for diner to add themselves.

This restaurant has a large menu, including all-day rice noodle rolls. Most of the other people eating there on a Wednesday lunch appeared to be adults dining with their elderly parents. Service was efficient and friendly, and metered street parking was easy.

Afterwards, tried a honey green tea w/ boba at Purtea, which is a cute little place. I found their boba to be not-sweet-enough (which almost never is the case for me!) but aside from that it was pretty good.

Ocean Avenue seems pretty lively these days, with several places to try. It had been a while since I had driven through.