Rice Krispie treats, all ideas welcome

We have a party coming up and I was thinking old school rice krispie treats and s’mores for the kids.

Any suggestions on a solid prep for the rice krispie treats?


Are we talking flavor combinations or techniques? My go-to is the salted brown butter ones per Smitten Kitchen’s recipe here: https://smittenkitchen.com/2009/11/salted-brown-butter-crispy-treats/ Perhaps just add your preferred candies for the kids?


I’m boring, I like mine regular, but I always throw in an extra cup of the cereal. Ain’t a rice krispy treat unless it somewhat cuts the top of your mouth while you eat it. I find the treat too soft and wilty without the extra cup of rice krispies.

I’ve also seen this done with corn flakes and some other general (read: not too sweet) cereals. That might be a fun mix-up too. If you do want to give you them a sugar high, try with fruity/cocoa pebbles or even cocoa krispies.


I’m game for a batch half traditional half unconventional.

I like to put freeze-dried banana slices, crumbled, and white chocolate chips into them. I get both at Trader Joe’s. The bananas soften just a bit but are still quite firm.

I thought of using freeze-dried blueberries and strawberries (or dried cranberries) for red, white, and blue on Memorial Day, July 4th, or Veteran’s Day.

I have subbed melted virgin coconut oil for the butter, which works nicely with the banana.

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I once ate a version that was made with peanut butter. It was very good - the flavor reminded me of butterscotch (due to the marshmellow?).

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On Another Other Website there’s a prolific baker who makes “bars of shame” - basically bake a box mix of brownies in a thin layer, then peanut buttery rice krispie treats go ontop of the brownie layer.

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Most that know me would consider me an advanced cook; it’s embarrassing, but I have yet to make a successful batch of RK treats, despite trying numerous times. They turn out hard and sticky. Any tips or tricks?

I settled on a batch half original cereal half cocoa. Im using browned butter a la SK and that helped with caramel buttery goodness, very sticky. the kids will like that.

I’m going to try another batch half pb drizzle half Nutella drizzle using the original rice krispies.

I also used marshmallow fluff with melted marshmallows because my sisters tip was the fluff makes a nicer moist chew.


I’ve been reading about that for years. I purchased the ingredients. But when I was ready to bake I just couldn’t do it. One or the other is going to be more than enough for me. If I worked in an office with a number of people I’d make it and get to have my taste without eating it all on my own!

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Maybe the humidity was high when you’ve tried to make them?
I just use buttered hands and don’t compress them too hard.
I haven’t made them in years since I find them the most addictive of junk foods! Even my son last told me not to make them again until he begged for them. :laughing:

then i saw these…

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Buttered hands is a great idea, as is not compressing them too firmly. Think will also use marshmallow fluff or part fluff & part marshmallows. With peanut butter and maybe tiny chocolate chips.
Will let you know how they work out. Thanks!


I do think the gooeyness is necessary, so would want to keep the marshmallow and omit the honey. And the chocolate layer seems TOO thick, IMO. A rice crispy treat is not a chocolate bar! I do like the look of the pretzels but think a thinner chocolate layer would still hold them in place


In the interest of fun we did a small diy kit for the young ins. Rather than make the complete treats ahead of time I put brown paper on the picnic table and the gang dipped the original and cocoa krispie bars in chocolate, pb and caramel topping. Big hit. No need for s’mores.


My experience has been with the original recipe. As I remember, simply rice krispies, marshmallows and butter. That is the clean but addictive flavor I remember. And have always found this mixture to combine well enough and allow shaping without problem.

That does remind me of the time a coworker brought rice krispies treats shaped into a roast turkey for our year-end holiday pot luck (wings and drums were separately stuck on). I guess that is the one thing that is good when the treats are soft.


FWIW, the Oat & Honey with Coconut variety of Kind Bar tastes a lot like RKTs, though less sweet. To my palate, the coconut is barely there. They also include brown rice, millet, buckwheat, and amaranth. .