Rice Box [RedBank NJ]

Stopped by here for lunch yesterday while downtown in RedBank, and I am very pleased that I did so. As shown in the photo, I really enjoyed my choice of Chicken PadSeeEw. It was very flavorful and delicious in all respects; The person initially taking the order at the counter cash register asked me to specify the desired spice level on a scale of 1 to 3 —— I typically prefer spicy so I thought 2.5 would be a good choice and left it up to the chef in the kitchen who hit it “right on the money” for my tastebuds. The portion size was more than ample and a fine fair value. I dined in at one of the tables and the ambience/cleanliness/service was perfect with a ‘family-run’ friendly vibe & quality: as I finished up, a gentleman (I think he might have been a manager or maybe an owner, although I’m not sure) stopped by to check on everything and thank me. In fact, I just finished the take-home leftover for lunch today…mmmmmmm again after carefully reheating. I definitely hope to stop again to eat there at the RiceBox next time I am ‘in the neighborhood ‘.


RiceBox Thai restaurant in RedBank NJ is apparently now closed, I walked over there to have lunch today … it is also now verified by article in online zine RedBankGreen; “Olympus Greek-American Grill” so we now know it is coming to 21 Monmouth Street. Good luck to the new establishment —— sorry to see RiceBox go relatively quickly:-(