Revised March Paris restaurant list. Thoughts?

Completely agree about Astrance. I was never fond of it, just too staid, almost reverential, stratospheric prices. Only one experience there years ago for an expense-account dinner and will never return.

Another suggestion for @Kjtravels for an enjoyable veggie-centric restaurant. Although onz is not as enthusiastic about it as I am, Pouliche on rue d’Enghien on the fringes of the rather hip and eclectic Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th. Helmed by celebrity chef Amandine Chaignot, affordable (30€ for lunch, 62€), menu changes almost daily according to what’s best at the market that day, choice of vegetarian/meat/ fish main, excellent ambiance for a mother-daughter meal.


Sigh…Not the word, just the idea that one’s food likes or dislikes could be about how one eats with one’s utensils.

Sorry to hear about Astrance. Yes, it was expensive years ago, but with my then teenage daughter (we were celebrating her high school graduation), the service couldn’t have been more welcoming, unfussy, joyous really. It was lunch, quand même, so perhaps that made the difference. A memorable meal for both of us.

I guess I was lucky. My only meal at the old Astrance goes back to when it had only one star, was not terribly expensive (especially considering the neighborhood), and was very good.

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You mentioned Pouliche, Parn, and that had been a Sunday thought. You’ve also liked Flocon too which was where I was thinking for Sunday dinner. You still like it as much as you did? I think some others here weren’t as positive.

Decided to do Nellu, even with the change of chefs, for our first night since their a la carte choices, at least now, are interesting.

What I have certainly learned in this overwhelming exploration of Paris restaurants, is I need to come back soon and also stay in some new neighborhoods.

We went to Astrance for lunch once several years ago now. My wife is a picky eater, and I believe because of this the service we got was terrible: actively demeaning.

Apart from the service, I was unimpressed with the food. I suspect it was much better for the full experience/dinner.

Astrance is on my never again list.



Oof! I think I must have eaten there in @Onzieme’s time. At least I have a good memory of the place! Sorry you guys had such a bad experience when you went. Once upon a time, we had a magical lunch there. The stuff of fairy tales, I guess!

I’m not sure if you’re in Paris yet, but I wanted to make a few comments about avoiding food fatigue. These are just some suggestions that have helped me over the years: #1 - No breakfast. Just coffee or tea. Maybe a small nibble of nuts or cheese, but forget the pastries; #2 - have lunch at noon to allow time to regain your appetite. For me that’s about 8 hours from the time I finish a simple 3-course meal. It’s helpful if I don’t mind skipping the dessert; #3 - dine late, like 9 or 9:30pm if possible. Even if you have an earlier res, it’s worth calling the restaurant and asking if they can take you later. It’s often no problem.

In recent years I’ve been pretty good at not eating more than one main meal a day, and just filling in other meals at markets, noodle bars, wine bars, oyster bars, cafés, etc. But every once in awhile I get stuck with a day of way too much eating - usually when a friend comes into town unexpectedly. These “rules” have helped me avoid sitting in a restaurant staring at a menu when all I want is a cup of consommé.


Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions, Carole. As it turns out, we were able to extend Paris a few more days which allows us to spread the meals more reasonably. Added some new places and eliminated some others.

In my excitement about returning to Paris I became overwhelmed by the incredible choices at very reasonable prices compared to the DC metro area and NYC. After we wander thru the mounds of trash, will post on where we ended up eating on this trip.

Oh, it sounds like you are still in Paris! Look forward to hearing about your trip and the new places you added.

Leaving for Paris Tuesday but now 10 days rather than 6. Will report back for sure.

Just to point out that the trash collection strike is not city-wide. It depends whether an arrondissement has private company contractors or had opted, years ago, to continue to use the Ville de Paris municipal services. Quite easy to avoid any unpleasantness by choosing restos and tourist attractions in the unaffected arrondissements.

And there has been a lot of clean-up in arrondissements affected by the strike in the last few days.

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Thanks for that update. We have a number of restaurant plans in “the red zones” but hopefully rubbish removal will start clearing up those areas. Will stick with current plans and hope for the best. By the way, not changing plans for Perception!