Review of Vijayawada Indian restaurant in Westchester, New York

I’ve commented about Indian food and how it lacks quality in Westchester before, but I’m highly surprised by this place recently. Vijayawada Biryani Indian Cuisine in Yonkers on Central Avenue, holds up to a level, despite still having to do renovations inside. It used to be Indian Valley Bistro. When I asked why they changed everything, the wife said they split with their old partner and business wasn’t booming back then.

Here’s my takedown of the food:
-Instead of opting for the old time chicken vindaloo, go for the Vijayawada chicken biryani. You will love the saffron and whole spices infused into the biryani. Many places sell short on their biryani, thinking it’s just a regular pulao that can be cheated with. Biryani, is an art form. Done right, and you won’t quit eating it.
-Their daal tadka, even though it’s a simple, is wonderful with rice. Extremely homely.
-Paneer tikka was delivered so beautifully, the paneer melt in my mouth. Really good quality.
-When it comes to making samosa, the filling has to be on point for it to turn out well. The chef’s samosas have a balanced filling with the potatoes, peas, and spices.
-Sambaar is traditional and fulfilling.
-If you get the masala chai, do ask for it to have a strong masala mix.

There were somethings that I wish would not have been included. Some of which are indo-chinese dishes, as I don’t see how they fit in the specialty.

I can name several Indian restaurants to not invest in, however, you should try this place out.

This is not even my area but I can’t resist butting in. Their menu is full of Andhra, Tamil, Keralan dishes. Good stuff. Does Yonkers have a big South Indian population?

How’s the Nellore biryani like versus the Vijayawada?

I also wish they would just leave the North Indian fare off the menu, but I guess they’d have to keep those in since many associate those with Indian food. Those Indo-Chinese food though, may be catered to their Indian expat clientele versus Americans.

I can almost smell the pulusu all the way from the west coast.

I know the NY-NJ metro area has a large Indian population. Where are they primarily located? What draws them there? Tech?

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It’s not certain on which area has a bigger south indian population. It’s just a south indian (chennai bound) couple. I didn’t get a chance to try nellore biryani, however, I do plan to sit down and see the differences.

Surprisingly, the north indian faire like paneer tikka, is done so well, that I don’t mind it on the menu. I completely get how they should have a more region specific menu, but apparently, Westchester is very money centric so can’t complain.

Indo chinese just doesn’t make much sense to me.

The large indian population is due to many jobs being in the city and merely finding a suitable home in the suburbs. Honestly, the indian population is not as friendly as one would hope, in which I find the west coast much more humanistic. They’re all scattered, but there most likely in Westchester, Queens, and Manhattan.

Thanks for this review - we’ve been looking for a good Indian restaurant in Yonkers. We’ll check it out and report back!

Is this the same owners, or new?

Same owners, know them pretty well and decent people