Return to Aberdeen for dim sum [white plains NY]

We had a spectacular HOdown here a few months ago and I have had it in my head to go back since. It was just as good as last time (although I only went with one other person and this is definitely a better group activity).

Shrimp shu Mai, pork dumplings, beef rolled up in crepe-y noodles, two kinds of pork buns, spring rolls (I think), roast duck with impeccably crispy skin, a deep fried rice flour dumpling stuffed with roast pork (outrageously good), chive pancakes with shrimp, sesame balls with taro, and custard buns… Wow, this place is good for dim sum. The variety is a little less than my favorite place in Flushing but the service is much, much better and they will go grab whatever you want if you happen to miss something. Everything tasted freshly made and there was not one miss. Not overly salty, either.

I think we need a repeat HOdown here with a big group!


I have never really had good dim sum there except the first time decades ago. And it never even came close to places like Jade Asian, etc. You said before, if I remember correctly, that it is on weekends that the dim sum is good. Was that right?

What is your favorite Flushing dim sum parlor?

You just made me so hungry just now! Sad that I couldn’t make the last HOdown there with you! This is only on Saturday right? I’d love a mulligan!! :slight_smile:

Asian Jewels is the place I like in Flushing. I usually go with a group of 6-8 and that is better for sharing. Aberdeen does have some less traditional stuff (like something wrapped in bacon) but most of it is stuff I think of when I think of dim sum and is similar to what I’ve had and like at Asian Jewels. Turnover is probably faster at AJ too but Aberdeen still does a good job of replenishing the carts.

They do dim sum on Saturday and Sunday between 11 and 3. It gets pretty crowded so a reservation is recommended but there were plenty of walk-ins waiting.

I have been meaning to visit Asian Jewels. I haven’t been there in ages, since shortly after they opened, after the previous restaurant Ocean Jewels.

We’ve been making trips to Aberdeen every couple of months for dim sum and are never disappointed there! They always seem to come up with new dishes and we love the old standbys as well. Since it’s a little more difficult for us to get out to Asian Jewels in Flushing now, this is a convenient alternative.

We also like Aberdeen for regular meals and dim sum. But don’t write off Central Seafood. They’re larger and a bit easier to get in for dim sum (tho there can be a wait there too) — and they do cater to a large Asian clientele.

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