Return of "ECG Hell Night" Oct 1 [Needham, MA]

Per the Boston Globe: “Fans of the East Coast Grill’s Hell Night can relive the past on Tuesday, Oct. 1, when chef and ECG alum Jason Lord (Season to Taste Catering) and Paul Turano (Cook) team up for a revival at Cook Needham (109 Chapel St. at Great Plain Avenue). They’ll serve original and new dishes with various “bomb” levels of heat, including deviled eggs with pickled jalapenos, Thai chicken dumplings, sesame seared tuna with barbecue sauce, chicken and waffles, and braised lamb vindaloo. Wash it all down with a $10 glass of milk. It starts at 5 p.m.”

I will not be there, spice wimp that I am (although Sichuan Gourmet is definitely ratcheting my tolerance up).


It’s not Hell Night without Doctor Pepper ……


Milk profiteering! :sake:

Interesting. I miss ECG, but I hope Chris is enjoying his retirement.

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Is Chris retired, from all of his previous restaurants? Does he still have any part of The Automatic? I miss him!