Restaurants you dearly miss [Boston, New England]

Miyako was great sushi and a lot of fun. It’s somewhere I wish we still had in the Back Bay today. However, I would be surprised if this is what the previous post was referring to. I don’t remember Miyako as being either sleek or modern. Sushi on that patio was great though.

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Yeah I think it may have been that spot. I just wish I could access an archive of all of the various establishments that have cycled through in the past 20 years at that location. I don’t think my place had a long run to say the least

Looks like Saffron used to be at that location. Take a look at the descriptions of the decor?

You jogged my memory about the Empress Room (and it would not fly today, of course): When I made our reservation, and we arrived, at each place setting was a box of matches with a monogram of my initials on each one!!! Seemed like such elegance.

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What a room it was too. Terraced so every table had an unobstructed view of the Boston skyline.


Just found the matches to the right buried in a junk drawer. Thought this might bring back some good memories. :laughing: