Restaurants with Patios and Good Food [Toronto]

Patios seem to be open on nice days.

Which are your favourites?

Bar Raval is probably my favourite, when the plastic walls are down on nice days.

I’m hoping to try Restaurant Pompette and Parquet this summer.

I will likely try Amal and Kasa Moto in May.

I like Union, especially in the summer when it’s less enclosed.


When the weather warms up, Actinolite mostly uses their outdoor backyard space instead of indoor. But they only offer a 7-course set menu. On Wednesday and Thursday they often do have a shortened less-expensive neighbourhood menu.

Other casual joints I enjoy are Contrada and Maison T, both have patio space as well.


Henry’s has a very nice back patio! Also, they make an excellent espresso martini (I substitute vodka with brandy/cognac, I feel vodka cocktails have zero character).

I’ve booked Union for the first time, will be there in a few weeks. Will report back, menu seems great!


I will add Henry’s to my list!! Thank you!

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Right on! I hope to try Contrada once I see that the patio is open.

I do like the Croque Monsieurs and cocktails at Bar Pompette. They have a nice back patio, and a few tables on the sidewalk during nice weather.


Oh man, I love patios! These are sporadic and spread across the city, and Phoenikia I remember you mentioning you’re immunocompromised or sensitive (sorry if I got it wrong) so I’ve done my best to recall how enclosed they were.

  • Parallel on Geary - cozy patio and such a good vibe in the summer when Geary’s alive with wine and beer fans for PG & BB - sometimes I just go and get falafel to have on their own or a couple pitas + dip of my preference. Incredible spot and always get pitas to bring home and freeze! Patio is enclosed in the colder months but open in the summer.
  • Rebel House in Rosedale - classic pub with a focus on homemade pub staples. Completely open air unsealed patio, just a fun elementary school parachute as overhead cover. Great chicken wings if those are your thing, or they do indulgent Halifax donair style dippers as a fun appy. Check their rotating specials! Been around 30 years.
  • Boxcar Social Summerhill (just up the hill from Rebel House, can you tell I live nearby) is a great hidden back patio - lunch or pastries are always good here, and later at night they do meat & cheese boards or toaster oven empanadas from Guacho Pie Co on Geary which are great! Patio is open air. The photo makes it look dreadful but I promise there are large leafy trees and lights that add a nice ambiance!
  • Bierria Volo on College is a stunning patio spot with top-tier beers if those are your thing, but great italian staples if not - personal sized pizzas, italian deli sandwiches, etc - a bit pricey for the portion sizes but huge emphasis on quality. Patio is partially open but partially sealed IIRC.
  • Chadwicks on Dupont near Casa Loma has a great back patio, wish they’d scrap the artificial turf but it’s a nice space in the summer and completely open. I have no clue how to describe Chadwicks’ cuisine or menu but their burger is outstanding (they make their own buns in house!) and the mexican-style fish & chips is delightful.

That’s all for my ramble today - probably have more to report back on!


I love Parallel on Geary as well as Parallel Basta in Kensington, which has a few tables set up in front in warm weather.

I also like the various Boxcar Social locations , and Rebel House!

I have actually been visiting Rebel House for more than half my life. :rofl: I remember visiting in 1998 when I lived in the neighbourhood.

I will have to visit Volo. I bought a couple Au Pied de Cochon tourtieres from their shop at Xmas, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying their patio! I walk by fairly often.

Chadwicks has great food. I used to go for brunch when I lived in the Annex. I had take-out a couple times in 2020 and 2021. I haven’t checked out their patio yet. Will have to do that this summer.


Going by the places with patios last year, we are looking forward to (at very least):

  • Taverne Bernhardt’s
  • Bar Piquette
  • Bar Vendetta
  • Bar Raval
  • Grey Gardens
  • Lapinou
  • Wynona
  • Dova
  • Pinkerton’s
  • Actinolite
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I enjoyed lunch at Bar Raval today. We had tortilla, boquerones, marinated octopus, patatas bravas and olives. Everything was excellent.
The Patatas Bravas.


Chantecler’s patio


Good patio, but meh food at Parcheggio.

I’ll still add the info because it’s a patio in North York with free parking.

I had the steak and eggs. Ordered steak medium. Half was well done, half was pink. The Parcheggio kitchen staff doesn’t know how to cook steak. The Parcheggio kitchen staff also doesn’t know to add lemon juice or vinegar to the grated potatoes they’re preparing in advance, to prevent the potato cake from oxidizing and becoming grey inside. ( Vilda’s also doesn’t know this - maybe the cooking schools are slacking!)

The eggs were okay.

The tiramisu tasted like the refrigerator according toy friend. I had thought maybe it tasted like pre-frozen lady fingers.

O & B seems to be running into some quality control issues in its kitchens. The food at Parcheggio was around the same level of meh (that is me being nice) as my last meal at the O & B Grill inside the Blue Mountain Westin in Feb 2022.

The server was very friendly and accommodating.

The space seems a little tired inside. The bathrooms are pretty dark.