Restaurants with good service in Toronto

Which restaurants have had the best service in your experience?

What I look for:

A welcoming atmosphere

No upselling

Not getting into my personal space, especially if I have a mask on or keep my mask on the table on the patio

Tables set far enough apart

Not too loud

Clean glasses- no lipstick marks

Places where I’ve had very good service



The Oxley



We haven’t had great service since the beginning of the pandemic, for the obvious reasons of turnover of staff. We are not finicky and don’t really care in the end - we’ll take great food with crappy service. But we have noticed a place like George go from impeccable to having lapses (e.g., wine pairings not timed with the courses properly). At Byblos Uptown, we had a sommelier responding to our question about tasting notes with, “I don’t know. You tell me!”

Most often, we have had lapses that reflect a lack of experience, not outright rudeness or lack of professionalism. Water glasses will sit empty through the meal. Staff with little knowledge of the menu and ingredients - often we are informing or correcting staff about aspects we are discussing (e.g., mahi mahi is not tuna).

We have appreciated service that is friendly, attentive but not intrusive, and informed. We particularly appreciate when a server takes the extra step to follow up on a request or question.
Over the past year we have had good service at Actinolite, Grey Gardens, Lapinou, Myth at very least from memory. Some places remember us from previous visits, so we probably also get better service as a result.

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Babel, an O & B Mediterranean-style resto in a plaza at York Mills Rd. and Bayview Ave., has given me and assorted shabby friends flawless service on several occasions in the past few months. Alert, knowledgeable, caring, well staffed. (Pretty good nosh as well.)

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Myth was surprisingly good as even though the servers were youngish very professional. Quanta Basta is a regular spot for moi their service is approachable and friendly.
Again I guess service standards are a sliding scale on what’s expected at what price point imo.
Oxley is decent imo.
Adrak being a recent example they need to improve a bit at that price point.

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" FRILU " - Great Nordic/Japanese food with ’ refined Japanese hospitality '!


I am moving Quanta Basta up on my Try Soon list.

I liked the service at Bar Pompette.

Bar Pompette is a lovely spot with very nice cocktails.

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