Restaurants That Have Closed in Houston (and Greater Houston Area)

No kidding? I’ve never stopped there but I’ve driven by it literally a thousand times or more.

Yes so surprised, it’s such a summer hang out for kids. I also saw where Durham House is closed after only a few months.

Doobs, if you had stopped there a thousand times they still might be open, but of course you would weigh six hundred pounds.

True on both accounts.

What’s new? How’s Mamacita? Lambsy and I have discussed a meetup soon. Are y’all still eatin’?

Doobs, wifacita speaking we are still in the eating circle.

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WIFACITA!! Welcome!

Read toward the bottom of this link:

Maybe we can meet up this summer. Some place with refrigerated air.

How about JC and Wifacita suggest a Spring Branch spot?

It seems we’re all on the westside more or less, so more frequent meetups should be mandatory, no?

I could do Polonia again. Or El Hidalguense. I know Jaymes likes Korean.

Who’s in?

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How about Pho and Crab?

That would be fine tho pho in summer :sweat:They have other things on the menu.

[quote=“DoobieWah, post:18, topic:3886, full:true”]Hopefully they ARE just “Closed for Remodeling” and it will be back better than ever.

Replying to myself:

Rioja is definitely gone. Drove by this morn and noticed that the Rioja sign was down and there are now notices on the front windows saying “NOW HIRING ALL POSITIONS - THE BLIND PIG” and a phone number with a (406) area code which is apparently Montana.

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I looked up “The Blink Pig” I loved the menu but it was in Arizona.

I found several that appear unrelated but none in Montana. [shrug]

Orange County, CA
Las Vegas
Scottsdale, AZ
Kittery, ME
Athens, GA

and a few more…

Two more thoughts on the Blind Pig:

I went back and compared the Logo in the photo I took of the Help Wanted sign and it doesn’t match any of the ones I linked to, and

“Blind Pig” is a common code word for a speakeasy, so it probably isn’t nationally trademarkeable, (is that a word?).

Anyway, they’re apparently working on the space, so we’ll see…

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Wifacita- I like the way you think Lambowner refrigeration air is a must.

Unlike Triple A, Christian’s at least gave us a chance to visit one last time. I hadn’t been in probably approaching a decade but there was a time I considered Christian’s (original location only) the best burger in town.

Pretty much as remembered. Patty overcooked to my taste and a little too dry. I don’t remember Christian’s fries from before but they were probably pretty much the same too.

I did get a cup of chili, something I’d never had before – they had chili burgers and chili fries but you couldn’t order chili by itself. I hadn’t missed anything it seems. If they made it themselves, which I doubt, they weren’t as good at making chili as they were at making burgers.

I wouldn’t say this was the best burger in town anymore. Even if they were still open I wouldn’t be going back anytime soon.

Oxheart is closing March 2017

Foreign Correspondents closed in December

Canard, the Treadsack cocktail bar next door to FC closes in December

Blind Pig on Kirkwood has closed!

Verona has indeed bitten the dirt.

We ended up going to Brother’s Garden Oaks which I love but no two pizzas taste the same.

I already miss Verona as I have been going there longer than I care to admit.

At the risk of another jinxing Brother’s has the advantage of being around the corner from Flying Saucer Pies. We grabbed our new favorite, key lime.

Sorry to hear that. I never went, but I know it was a favorite of yours.

Yeah, I noticed that the other day.

We went once. It was OK.

I’m not surprised.

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