Restaurants Re-Opening Houston

Anybody going out? We’re doing Merida on Navigation. The Wifeacita deserves it, cochinita pibil, chorizo nachos, a beef enchilada, and their great chips and salsas.

It’s a big place and should be able to handle the 25 percent max occupancy rule but I made reservations anyway.

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Merida on a typical Saturday may have 4 tables max. I’m looking at places that normally don’t do a lot of business such as Antonio’s on Hillcroft.

How did Merida go today? Mostly empty restaurants were pictured on the news.

I’m not ready yet to dine out, but will reconsider maybe next weekend. Only got take-out 3 times not including a Popeye’s Tuesday special drive thru. But we’ve eaten well, if not entirely healthy. Whether or not to dine out is already a new point of contention on social media with recriminations all around. I hate this. Make the best judgment for you and your family and don’t worry about others. (Not talking to you, just generally). In all likelihood you guys are immune having had the virus in your house already.

Such nonsense out there as tensions rise and tempers flare. A friend in OKC who does shopping for Instacart told me a story of a co-shopper that was attacked this week in a store by a woman who claims Instacart shopper was closer than 6 feet to her at the check out counter. Attackee says she was not, but attacker grabbed her by the shirt to punch her after several rounds of loud hysteria before the store security escorted attacker out.

Stay safe out there and don’t buy these crab claws on sale for $13 at Randalls. They did not “snap and eat” as advertised. Also, a couple were ammoniated although they were sold as “always frozen.” Also, Gulf coast crab and King crab are better crab choices, IMO.


Merida es manana. I go to the store about once a week, usually a splash and dash at Kroger avoiding the thundering herd of MY HEB. The mask drives me nuts but I wear it.


It was great and I felt far safer there than any grocery store.

We got there at 2 and only one table was occupied. They put x’s on many tables so everyone will be well spaced. All the employees had masks and gloves and I saw them sanitizing. Salt and pepper were in packets and the menus were disposable paper.

The food was great, chips two salsas, we cut one with onions and cilantro because it’s pretty hot, We also had chorizo nachos, a huge hunk of cochinita pipil, a beef enchilada and great refried beans.

The total was 35 dollars with two Modelo Especials. Our great young waiter Alex was very pleased with his Andrew Jackson propina.


I get Demeris BBQ drive thru about once a week. Latest was chopped beef, a model of the type, plain baked potato, and onion rings, it feeds two.

A insider tip on reheating onion rings, place in toaster oven on toast setting. Walk away and totally forget about them until the smoke detector goes off.

They will be perfect, slightly burnt on the outside, thick succulent onions inside.


Uh, sure thing.

I got Lopez take out today since they have returned their regular menu in addition to family meals. I also got green curry at Pinto Thai last week and it really hit the spot. It is a small storefront in a strip on Dairy Ashford, too small to open the dining room. They were super happy for my order.

News flash! Bagel Bob is back in the same center as PInto Thai and Hebert’s! And he’s open. Looking forward to his salmon spread some morning.


Por favor por Dios!!

Details, details!!!

Just my standard order: Mina Dinner. Guac, taco, two enchies. The 15 mile ride home didn’t do the taco any favors, but the drive was glorious. Been inside for the most part through this.

I should say though, all those folks are long-time employees. The runner asked me how we are doing and I returned the question. She said everyone is well and busy and that the take out has been busier than expected since the dining rooms opened and they are running at full tilt. The dining room has been slower than expected, but I don’t find that surprising.

Not Doobs has not shared his corona dining experiences, if any. Curious!


No adventures here but thanks for asking. I’m still getting out to the grocery stores several times a week so I’m still eating pretty good but I haven’t been anywhere out to eat since late March. The only takeout I’ve had was fajitas and fixins early on and it was awful. I’ve also picked up fried chicken from Randalls and Jack in the Box tacos and that’s it. Oh and an awful burger from Whataburger.I

I’m eating well but I have lost a few pounds.

I look forward to getting back to having something to talk about here.


Running thread of permanent closings in Houston on EaterHouston.


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This is kind of shocking.

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I drive by El Tiempo on Washington several times a week and there is never anyone there despite them being open.

That place was a money printing machine with lines out the door but not anymore.

Insider tip. Order a double junior and the meat will be fresh and hot. I like jalapenos for flavor even though they have next to zero heat.

The past few drive throughs at Whataburger yielded sub-par results. I no longer go. I wonder to what extent the change in ownership can be blamed.

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Whataburger begs to be eaten inside as I learned forty years when I was dispatched to buy a bunch for a store grand opening. There is nothing worse than a cold Whataburger.

No two place are the same. The one on Long Point near me is not good while the Silber location is very good.

It’s not that they weren’t fresh. It was that even with only the drive thru open, both sandwiches were wrong. The receipt, taped to the bag, was correct. But two out of two burgers were incorrect.


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Was that at the Tully location by chance?

San Felipe/Winrock.

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