Restaurants in Loughborough or Leicester

I’m going to be in Loughborough next month for work. Does anyone have any recommendations for good restaurants in Loughborough or Leicester? The only restaurant we are familiar with is Bobby’s in Leicester but I wouldn’t want to be having all my dinners there!

I was once recommended John’s House near Loughborough. We never got there and I only remember it coz I’m a John. Can’t recall anything about it, although I think it’s pretty upmarket.

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Thanks John. It looks lovely but only seems to be open Weds to Saturday and I’m there Monday to Tuesday :frowning:. Oh well, maybe next time.

Hardens Guide mentions the Hammer & Pincers in Loughborough.

I’m sure Bobby’s was mentioned to me by the person who recommended John’s House, as “the” place to go for South Asian

This looks good too but again mainly operating Wednesday to Saturday. It does do dinner on Tuesday but I’ve mentally earmarked Bobby’s for Tuesday dinner on the way back to the south coast. Bobby’s has a great ‘farsan’ (Gujarati snacks) counter where I am hoping to stock up on dhokla, ondhwa and samosas to take home!

Oh dear. I just checked Google and see that Bobby’s seems to be closed on Tuesdays! Back to planning. Or if everywhere in the Midlands seems to be closed on a Tuesday might need to look towards London and its outskirts.

Hammer and Pincer dinnertime hours a bit too late for me to linger.

If you find yourself in my part of the world, you’ll want Lily’s in Ashton-under-Lyne for similar. They also have a good array of sweets as well as savoury items.

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