Restaurants in Islamorada [Florida]

Headed to Islamorada for a week. Need some ideas on where the great
Restaurants are.

Not Islamorada but we enjoyed some meals in Key Largo just up the road in 2015:-

Fish House and Pilot House for dinners. The former was the better food experience (good seafood). The latter had live music and was more fun but you can find that food in so many average quality places in America. Doc’s Diner was a good breakfast experience. And diner experience, for lunch , was at Mrs Mac’s Kitchen - we liked the idea that many menu items just say it’s “fish” and they use whatever is fresh that day - in our case it was dolphin and the dolphin Reuben was truly excellent. A bit of a rough and ready place, popular with bikers (and, now, middle aged Britons)

My friend is a Native and long time restaurant employee. I asked her when you first asked and promptly forgot about it. Let me re-ask her. :slight_smile:

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Near Islamorada on Marathon Key is Keys Fisheries. They supply nearly all the Stone Crab claws in Florida. If you go to their outside , upstairs bar, they have medium Stone Crab claws for cheap ($1 each when I was there, my brother, who lives in Miami tells me they are now $1.50 each, still a great deal). They also had food specials of tuna tartare and shrimp cocktail.


Holiday Isle Tiki Bar
84001 Overseas Hwy - (Islamorada)

Islamorada Fish Co.
81532 Overseas Hwy - (Islamorada)

Sid & Roxie’s Green Turtle Inn
81219 Overseas Hwy - (Islamorada)

Hungry Tarpon Restaurant at Robbie’s of Islamorada
77522 Overseas Hwy - (Islamorada)

Island Grill
85501 Overseas Hwy - (Islamorada)

Ballyhoo’s Historic Seafood Grille
97860 Overseas Hwy - (Key Largo)
Original Building Destroyed by Fire; Recently Rebuilt


The Fish House Restaurant and Fish House
102401 Overseas Hwy - (Key Largo)

Carribean Club
104080 Overseas Hwy - (Key Largo)

Louie’s Backyard
700 Waddell Ave - (Key West)

Pepe’s Café
806 Caroline St - (Key West)

Sloppy Joe’s Bar
201 Duval St - (Key West)

Captain Tony’s Saloon
428 Greene St - (Key West)

B.O.'s Fish Wagon
801 Caroline - (Key West)

Keys Fisheries Market & Marina
3502 Louisa St - (Marathon)

The Buzzard’s Roost
21 Garden Cove Dr - (Key Largo)

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas St - (Key West)

El Siboney Restaurant
900 Catherine St - (Key West)

Half Shell Raw Bar
231 Margaret St - (Key West)

McDuffy’s Shaved Ice Truck
S Roosevelt Blvd - (Key West)

Note: I haven’t been to the Keys in approx. 5 years so I recommend following up on the above list with your own research.