Restaurants I go back to. Taipei Gourmet Lexington Mass

This place opened it 2012 by Ewa who used to work at Formosa Taipei. They specialize in Taiwanese food but also have the standard Chinese dishes on the menu. They were nominated as one of the 25 Best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S by Travel & Leisure Magazine. This shows you how accurate the Internet are. The restaurant is good, but not nearly in this class. They have a decent lunch menu and for $7.99 you get soup, spring roll, and a mains. The Hot & Sour soup is excellent, I usually ask them to hold off putting in my entree for five mins, so that I can finish the soup. Their Noodle Soups are also worth mentioning, cheap and really tasty. The three fish dishes on the lunch menu use Flounder that are always cooked perfectly. I have tried a few of the Chinese/American dishes on the lunch menu, and I haven’t been impressed. Any of the Taiwanese apps are recommended. Their rice plates are also cheap and good.

211 Mass. Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420
Phone (781) 541-6999

This is their excellent Spicy Noodles Soup with Pork.

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This is what the dish above looks like now when I order it extra spicy.


That looks much more your speed!!

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