Restaurants I go back to. Okipoké Burlington

I was soo happy when they opened back in September and I have been back a number of times. The staff is great, the fish is fresh and there is no upcharge for any toppings. The eggs still have a green ring. I have now settled on my perfect bowl.
One time at @okipokeburlington I mixed everything up and it was OK, but I like it better with things being separate.
I now pick half sushi rice, half brown rice. I ask them to sprinkle the wasabi tobiko on the rice and then put the rest on. Double spicy salmon and sweet onions. For flavor, I went with spicy mayo. For toppings, I picked the seaweed salad (delicious), pickled ginger (yeah!), avocado, sesame seeds, and an egg that was still a bit overcooked (green). For crunch, I go with wonton crisps that are way better than the garlic crisps. The fish was very fresh and of high quality. Not bad for $11.95.