Restaurants I go back to. Little India Express Lexington [MA]

I finally went to Little India Express that is takeout only since all my lunches went to takeout only. I’m blown away with the quality of the cooking and the seasoning. All proteins are tender and moist. No overcooked chicken here. Some of the curries are done with tandoori chicken and you can ask for all dark. It doesn’t always work, but I have got a mix of white and dark. Their medium borders on hot and it’s very consistent. The counter guy, that also cooks, is super nice. They have lunch specials 7 days a week, and I really like their Rice Plate ($10). you can pick two entrees and it comes with half a Naan. I usually get a meat and a veggie curry. Enough for lunch and dinner. Chicken Saag was fantastic. Mulligatawny Soup not so. They also have a variety of Momos including a superb Tandoori Momo. The entrees easily serve two and are very reasonably priced. The basmati rice is excellent. This has now been my goto Monday Indian lunch spot for a while.


We’re also fans of Little India Express and have been for a few years. Several months ago there seemed to be a change in ownership, with new people in the kitchen and momos on the specials board. The spicing in the dishes also seemed to change a bit and the food seemed to shift to a more Himalayan focus. I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing they aren’t connected to Little India in Waltham anymore. Very friendly people and tasty food.

We haven’t been since the quarantine began, and I look forward to heading back soon.



They are not associated with Little India in Waltham and the new owners bought this place in the spring. I picked up their excellent Chicken Tikka Saag again. Excellent seasoning and they use Tandoori Chicken and that makes it even better. I also got the Lamb Samosas that are loaded with lamb with just a few peas. Such a nice place with nice people. There might be more exciting things happening soon. They have Groupons available, now with an extra 20% off. If the deal has expired, use code “save” and you will get the discount.


Oh, thanks for the tips and info, Ferrari. We’ll have to get takeout soon, especially the Chicken Tikka Saag. Sadly, my husband doesn’t love lamb, so that’s probably out. My vegetarian son can’t get enough of their momos.