Restaurants I go back to. Anchor Pub & Grille Beverly

I just realized that I never added them. I have been going here since the Twin Lobsters were $15.95 with one side. They always have their daily specials that are announced on their FB page. Is it a daily special if it appears every day? It’s a bar with a small kitchen, and the menu warns you that the food might take a while. At lunchtime, this has never been an issue. Notable specials are the Seafood Pie on Thursdays and Fridays with two sides. The baked potato is always good. The garlic roasted potatoes lack garlic, have the skin left on, and might be overcooked or undercooked. Or cooked just right. Their Fried Clams Roll with FF is a generous serving of perfectly fried clams. I have seen clams plates that had fewer clams than this roll. A shrimp cocktail with 10 shrimps is a whopping $5. Two crabcakes are the same price. Their house-made tartar sauce is excellent. The mashed is out of a box, and the veggies are canned.
I have been looking at their Haddock baked, broiled or fried with two sides since it was $9.95. Never tried it until today since it was always something else that caught my eye. It’s now $12.95, including the $1 covid surcharge. For my side, I picked the baked potato since I like it. I also for the first time ordered the FF as a side, never tried them before. The previously frozen FF was cooked perfectly but lacked salt. Fries like this need to be salted when they come out of the fryer otherwise the salt refuses to stick. The haddock was a very substantial piece and cooked perfectly. I was going with broiled but the waitress, without saying anything, talked me into the baked version. The fish was cooked really well, moist and flaky. A few exposed edges were a bit dry, but no big deal. I also got the crabcakes and you can see one leftover in the background. The service is always very friendly and the staff is young and efficient.
They now have a very nice outdoor seating area that people were using today despite the temps. The inside is set up properly with good distancing. Breakfast is served until 11 (12 on the weekends), and then the lunch starts. Never had a drink here, but they are not expensive and rumored to be very strong.


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