Restaurants I go back to 6. BayBerry Cafe Woburn, MA

Not only are they vegetarian but also vegan. They opened in Woburn center and have a private parking lot. They have a very nice lunch menu, and everything I have had here has been excellent. You get slices of shitake mushrooms in your miso soup, and that certainly elevates what normally is a very boring soup. The staff is super friendly and happy to answer questions, not being a vegetarian I had lots of them.

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thanks for the writeup. I wondered about this place the last time I went to Gene’s. “Pan-Asian” for me is usually a descriptor for a restaurant that I’m really leery of, but I might check this place out. I’ve been dragging my long suffering s.o. who doesn’t eat much meat or like spicy food to places like Godavari, Gene’s and MDM Noodles lately so it’s possible I owe her a trip here.

Hey, Ferrari, did you see Changecat’s post about Maya Indian Grill in Wakefield? Looks like they just opened and have a buffet. It’s in the March 2017 Openings and Closings for Boston.

No, I didn’t see that, but I just did a write-up about them.

Thanks for the review. I always enjoy when you share your experiences.

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Fish market.
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