Restaurants I go back to 4. Mulan Waltham MA

I have been going here since forever for lunch. Mulan has a very extensive lunch menu with a lot of good stuff on it, and the portions are very generous. I was sorry to see the Lunch Special Combos disappear. The chicken in chili sauce was fierce but soo good. It’s still on the regular menu. I also love the Fish Fillet with Spicy Bean Sauce on the lunch menu. The H&S soup is excellent. Need more heat? Ask for the chili oil. Best deal might be the Pork Chop Noodle Soup. The soup itself is great, and you get a plate of pork chops on the side. The Smoked Duck from the Cold Apps section is another gem that can’t be missed. They are now open seven days a week and parking on the street is free.

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There was a mention on the Lunar New Year thread that Mulan has a special menu for the frestival that they do not translate. That’s also true of their “traditional” and banquet menus. Can someone here oblige with a translation?

Traditional menu

Banquet menu

This is for the traditional menu only.

Cold appetizers (the prices are listed by how many you order):
House-made sausage
Five spice beef shank (probably sliced)
Bean curd strips “salad”
Seaweed salad
Ma la “delicacies from the mountains”

Other dishes:
Blue crab stir fried with rice cakes
Lobster (scallion, salt/pepper, or served over noodles)
Crunchy bamboo shoots stir fried with beef
Spicy stir fry (this is also on Jo Jo Taipei’s regular menu but I don’t remember what they called it)
Taiwanese style beef tenderloin
Sea cucumber with pork trotter (I assume this is stewed/braised)
Jumbo shrimp with pineapple
Live Lates calcarifer, think this is barramundi? (steamed, braised, black bean sauce, or ma la)
Fish soup with pickled mustard greens
Century egg with tofu


Thanks so much.

wow, thank you. very helpful!