Restaurants I go back to 3. Buffalo Wild Wings Burlington, MA

Really good wings with a multitude of rubs and sauces. You can order flats only, which I really like. You can also order them extra crispy. I think that the Carribean jerk is super tasty. I tried the mango habanero and that was almost too spicy for me. The normal buffalo is just called medium and was very tasty. They also have half priced wings all day Tuesday. Service is always very pleasant.

I didn’t realize you could ask for flats only - that is amazing! I am not a fan of drumettes and am always disappointed when my order comes full of them. Next time I’ll be prepared!

It’s a wing chain … I’d say it is fine (haven’t been to this location but have been to many others).

What i did t know was that the other section of the wing had a name - flats.

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I have always called them wingettes (and the other section drumettes), but “flats” makes perfect sense!

Just wanted to thank you again for the tip about flats only. We went to BWW last week and the order of extra crispy flats only absolutely made my day!

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