restaurants from 16th St BART and toward Z Space?

We have tix for Z Space tonight. We never eat in the city. Any recommendations for this area, folks? Thanks.

Our kids no longer live in the area but here’s a link:

We’ve eaten at Andalu a few years ago and liked it a lot. I’ve also heard really good things about Limon.

Andalu closed, then Chino opened in the same space, then closed. Mission Bowling Club is on the way to Z Space.

Thanks. Rechecked and there’s no date on the sfgate piece.

Poc Chuc. Maruya

Southpaw (sort of. Their homebrew beer is pretty good)
Poc-chuk ( a CH board fav I never went to )
Rite Spot ( drinks afterward, the food is unmemorable )
Walzwerk ( haven’t been in a decade but have a soft spot )
Commonwealth ( sort of, because it’s too long to eat there and you won’t get in )

If you’re willing to walk a block out of your way
Lers Ros
Monk’s Kettle
Truly Med ( best stand-up falafels you’ll have, certainly the best fast food )
Taqueria La Cumbre ( aren’t they now the best burrito in the world? )

Places that look interesting someone else can comment on
Maruya ( tokyo style omakase ? )
The Naughty Hindu
The Flying Pig

Thanks all. Forgot to post back. Poc-Chuc was closed, some PGand E issue. Ended up at the Flying Pig, with 2 not great hot dogs. Feh. O well.

Sorry that didn’t work out-- thanks for taking one for the team!

Naughty Hindu is closed, btw.

Walzwerk is still is very good. Fun decor. Close to their also is Los Yaquis, a good overall Mexican place with a few uncommon Jalisco dishes.

Castillito Yucateco does a pretty good Relleno Negro (blackened chicken stew)

Ah, nuts. If you’re in the area again and want really fast food like that, backtrack to Truly Med.

I couldn’t disagree more about Truly Mediterranean. Whilst their falafel balls are ok, everything it comes in/with is pretty bad - at least if you’ve ever had good falafel. Thin, dry bread that doesn’t hold together once the foil it’s wrapped in is opened. Soggy fries and eggplant. Cheap, watery tahini. Cheap, watery hummus.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2