Restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and British products for a Coeliac visitor, in [London] [Oxford] [The Cotswolds] [York] [Newcastle] [Lake District]

My 4 friends will be spending 4 weeks in the UK. They are spending a week in the Lake District, and a week in the Cotswolds as bases, and also traveling to Oxford, York, London, and Newcastle.

1 of the 4 friends is Coeliac. If you have any suggestions for restaurants, bakeries or other businesses that have good food and are safe for coeliacs, please mention them. They will also be cooking their own meals sometimes.

Thanks for all your help.

Have eaten well with a coeliac here in York
They don’t specify Gf but were very accommodating.

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Thank you!

My friends have landed. I’ll pass along the tip for York.

If anyone has other suggestions, they would be appreciated!

I will about post some of the restaurants they visit.

Gluten-free scones and cream tea available at The Old Bakery Tea Room in Stow on the Wold in the Cotswolds.

Very late to the game - the best meal we had in London last fall was at Flat Iron - steak, sides, and drinks. Not a very extensive menu, no mains other than steaks, but holy cow (pun intended) it was good. Most of the sides were gluten-free and they had a nice selection of ciders and drinks too. The second best meal I had was… surprisingly, the lemon-garlic chicken wings and butterbeer at the Warner Bros / Harry Potter studio tour. :laughing: We also had fish and chips at Hobsons in SoHo, and I found some tasty lunch stuff at Borough Market. Marks and Spencer also had a wide selection of “free from” snacks, including tasty shortbread.

There’s a dedicated gluten-free restaurant in London called Niche - it gets a lot of love on the celiac travel groups. I have to say that I was very disappointed in the food - it was okay but not great.

If your friends use the Find Me Gluten Free app, I found it to be incredibly helpful throughout London.

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Just remembered one more London cafe we liked: Crepes, Coffee, and Chai (no website but details on TripAdvisor). They had a good selection of gf and regular options, we really enjoyed our lunches.

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Thank you very much!

I will let them know. Thank you!