Restaurante Las Amigas [Watertown, MA]

Adding to the friendly local cadre including Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham and Los Amigos in Newtonville, Restaurante Las Amigas is in the space across from the Arsenal complex that used to house Know Fat/UFood cafe and some generic pizza places. They advertise as Central American and have a pretty standard menu of taco/burrito/enchilada-type fare plus a specials board that recently included Honduran and Ecuadorian items, and some generic burger/pizza/wings items. We sampled tacos which were really very good (barbacoa, carnitas, chicken) and similar to El Amigo’s in quality. Also a very good chicharones/yucca dish and beef empanadas (I think both were called something else on the specials board, but that’s what they seemed like to me). Everything was nicely garnished with pickled onions and lettuce, and came with red salsa which was ok but could have packed more punch. They were not very busy at dinner service, though they probably tilt towards lunch traffic in that area. All in all, they have really good meat preparations, as well as a skillful fryer (the yucca and empanada prep was excellent). I hope they are able to double down on what makes them unique (the Central American aspect) and lose the pizza/burger joint thing.


Maybe the non-Central American items are holdovers from the Flaming Pit days?

I kind of got that sense but I don’t think I ever made it there when it was Flaming Pit. The guy who greeted us made a point of saying that they didn’t have pizza despite it being on the menu, but I’m not sure whether he meant “at that moment” or “anymore”.