Restaurant X and the Bully Boy Bar, Congers, NY

This is indeed sad news. Peter Kelly is a great person and chef, and we have enjoyed so many great meals here. And to get nostalgic, before Peter took this property over, we loved Bully Boy. Sad news.

@MisterBill posted this elsewhere and I told him I was going to post it here.

We went a few times for that unbelievable brunch with an absurd number of courses. Some very happy memories and a funny one of my husband arguing with the valet driver. He didn’t want them parking his car and it started to get loud until the valet attendant suddenly said. “Wait this car is manual. I can’t drive that! Park there!”


I also have wonderful memories of his place in Garrison. Different wine with each course. Two menus. My husband had food allergies, especially dairy so Peter made him a social sauce fo each course. Amazing.

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We never did the dinner at Garrison because I eat limited stuff but used to go to brunch all the time. It was our kids’ introduction to fine dining.

The brunch at Restaurant X was excellent but the last couple of times food wasn’t hot when you got it, and he never really mixed things up so it was always the same dishes. Not that we didn’t pig out, of course. We actually had both of our “meet the future in-laws” meals there. Great way to spend a relaxing 2-3 hours.