Restaurant Workers Food Hacks/Tips...................

Not the most informative article but maybe you will find something useful here.

I’m sorry, I can’t read articles with headlines that use the word “hack”. It makes me assume the writer is stupid, the editor is stupid, and the content is stupid.


As someone who once made a very good living writing these and similar things, I am inclined to agree with your assessment.

That being said, many do (or did) contain useful tidbits … though now the vast majority are spins on other, already existing/live content, being churned out at less than a cent per word by contractors for sites like TextBroker.

Now I need to go read the article. :wink:


I was expecting impressive knife skill demonstrations. Some advices are useful! So thanks.

I use my serrated bread knife to cut cake, not a hot one!

Wow, didn’t know that you can be well paid to do that.

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It used to pay very well, then quality was dropped for quantity, crap was written for clickbait, and then everything tanked. Now it’s an attempt to game the search engines for ranking, to drive traffic to see the ads. I’m thankful I got out when I did. :slight_smile:

As regards the linked article, I kinda want to scream at the writer: concept isn’t bad (though stale), but not really useful info. Could actually be developed into something worthwhile, but … .


Yeah agree. The sad part of this is nowadays even serious newspapers, they need to sell space to these types of articles somewhere on their page to have money entering.

I have heard the same with online recipe writing, only quantity oriented and very badly paid.

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I have two questions:
Do chefs really salt their garlic?
Do commercial kitchens use bacon drippings for Most Everything??


But thanks for the post, I don’t mind a quick browse through a listsicle. The hot cake knife thing is helpful.

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I’m sorry, I can’t read articles with headlines that use the word “hack”

Good thing we can simply scroll past if a topic is uninteresting to us.

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Teasing a friend.

So what did you think of the “hacks”?

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