Restaurant Tecalitlan in New Rochelle for excellent, authentic, Mexican

I’ve been going to the Teca Taco truck for a year, parked at a park in New Rochelle, but in the past few months I’ve gone to their home base, Restaurant Tecalitlan on Union Ave, and have been blown away by their food. Their tacos are even better than from the truck, with a broader selection if I remember, I have tried all 5-6 types, but the other items at the restaurant are well worth trying out. They have a shrimp in a garlic, spice and herbs that was great. They are known for their birria, a slow cooked beef in herbs. I plan to work my way through their menu after being out of the picture for a few months. If I can get a menu I’ll scan and post it.

Their homemade hot sauces are delicious, especially the salsa verde. I think they have three types, with various heat levels, and different flavors.

It’s a small, mostly take out place, with 4-5, six person tables. Cash only, no credit cards, and no liquor license.

Restaurant Tecalitlan
123 Union Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 235-4802


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