Restaurant suppliers turn to retail market

4 Star Seafood in SF, which now delivers to much of the SFBA, is prominently featured in this NY Times article published today:

Your Kitchen Can Be as Well Stocked as Restaurants Now
Without chefs to sell to, farmers, fishmongers and wholesalers are making house calls. And the change may be here to stay.
New York Times by Pete Wells and Jennifer Steinhauer, June 2, 2020

If Jessica Kramer didn’t already know that she had started to shop in a new way, the personal letter she got from the meat and poultry supplier D’Artagnan would have been a tip-off.

After thanking her for her business, the company informed her that it would be happy to send a truck to make personal deliveries to the condominium in Newport, R.I., where she and a friend have been living since March. Now, instead of having blocks of frozen meat shipped overnight, she can get freshly slaughtered Rohan duck breasts, squab and baby poussins brought to her door, along with bunches of ramps and other specialties.

Gourmet suppliers expand retail marketing

(Note: this contact info is courtesy of Melanie Wong in her posting to CH)
Four Star Seafood & Provisions
1315 Egbert Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 379-0936
Four Star Seafood

Free delivery area: All of San Francisco, Southern Marin to San Rafael, Berkeley/Oakland through Danville, Daly City through San Jose/Campbell.