Restaurant Suggestions for April-Please (Paris)

I would like advice on what restaurants I am considering for our trip to Paris in April. La Condesa is a must as we know Indra well. I enjoyed Kozo on our last trip and will return. In consideration are the following: Accents Bourse, Bistro Kinzo, Aux 2K, Perception, Quelque Part, Lazu, Empreinte, Passionne, Chocho, Aspic, Jetapadi, Chenapan, L’Aube, Brion, Majju, Levadé, and Alluedium. What are your well versed opinions? Chowhound was my compass in past years, and as alawys, things change. Thank you very much. Phil G

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Hi, I see you’ve post twice asking the same question. I will delete one of the post.

It helps people to throw suggestions if you can describe what’s your interest, preferences, your budget etc.



Interesting choices. Bravo. But not much variety in style and tone. Almost all modern French with the notable exception of jtépardi which offers straight bistronomie/ updated trad and, unlike many of your other choices that tend towards earnest foodie, a fun and very local vibe. ChoCho, despite the very foodie cuisine, is also surprisingly enjoyable.

I’d add a touch of variety. Probably North African or Levantine because, thanks to long historic connections and immigration patterns, they are very much a part of the parisian food scene. Perhaps updated, rather gastro Lebanese at very trendy Kubri in the hip & happening 11th (with a warning that it is as famous for its chill world, mostly Middle Eastern playlist and the music can sometimes be intrusive, especially on the occasional DJ nights).

Usually, the local toms toms identify good restaurants as soon as they open. I am familiar with most of your choices but never heard of “Mujju”.

Just out of curiosity, what reference source, criteria and rationale did you use to pick out those 17 restaurant choices?
I too will be visiting Paris in April and might ride along your interesting coat-tail for additional chow-idea?! Ha!

Hi, I stay in the 11th on most of my trips to Paris. To shake things up, I decided to reside in the 9th on this journey. I enjoy discovering new restaurants before they receive recognition or stars. My past discoveries include La Condesa, Louis, Granite, Maison, Virtus, Restaurant H etc. It’s fun exploring restaurants in Paris that are on the verge of exploding. Their prices are more reasonable too. Thus, my list is not the tried and true. I have been visiting Paris since the 1970s, and my perspective is a bit different than younger diners. I don’t enjoy or need a “scene.” Good food is my only criteria. Trendy is not important, but warmth and a love of cooking is. Indra at La Condesa welcomes you to his restaurant, now restaurants, like it’s his home. That’s special. Our server and the chef at Kozo sat with us over a bottle of wine, and we talked food and life until closing. His love for cooking showed up in each and every dish. That was memorable.

I keep to French restaurants in Paris because I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. French cooking is absent in my town. In Paris, I want to be smothered in French. I miss the culture so much when I’m away. Thanks for your interest. PG


I think you meant Mojju, the new venture of Thibaut Sombardier in the 7th and his take on Korean cuisine. A little bit early to get decent reviews as it just opened.

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If you are after starworthy places, the consensus of friends and the local tom-toms seem to favour Passionné as the best bet for a Michelin star this year. I haven’t been because it is just too expensive for dinner-- at least 200€ for the long tasting menu with wine-- and just too inconvenient for me for a more affordable weekday lunch (I work near the Arc de Triomphe). And, as a local, I admit to having overdosed on the many (and very similar) Japanese-cheffed restaurants in Paris and have lost my once considerable passion for them. Of course, a very personal “affliction” and not one likely to affect visitors.

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I was underwhelmed by Passionné last spring: lots of service problems; food was ok but not exceptional. The fact that they have to do paid advertising on various sites is not a strong endorsement, either. Maybe another Nicolas Flamel-type star, if it’s awarded?


I have heard a few complaints about lunch in Passionné’s early days but nothing but fulsome praise for the dinner. I won’t be going for either and thank onz for for making the decision easier.

As happens all too often in this type of gastro resto, lunch and dinner can be very different experiences. For instance, I’m not very keen about lunch at Origines (one of my go-to’s because it’s so convenient for me) but love dinner there.

I strongly suggest a previous Parn rec, the excellent Perception. French by a Korean chef with Korean touches. The dinner tasting menus are imo a bargain, the food is star-worthy, many on this board agree, and it’s the restaurant we most look forward to returning to this spring. And it happens to be in the 9e to boot.

For great food, the Thibaut Sombardier restaurant I prefer is Les Parisiens [though I look forward to trying Mojju]. The lunch menu is a steal. Just be sure to order fish as your main.

Thank you for all the excellent suggestions. I am trying to spend less on this trip to Paris. We return at least four times a year and depending on circumstances, we throw caution to the wind, or we tighten the purse strings. In April, we’re tightening. Perception has two menus at 95 Euros and 115 Euros. I assume the input is the restaurant is worth it. Thank you. Friday is lunch at La Condesa, a must for us. Our first evening, I am looking forward to a return to Kozo. I am planning to splurge on Saturday at Accents which has raised their prices to 135 Euros. Sunday dinner I was deciding between AUX 2K, Eels, or Petrelle.