Restaurant staff usage of face masks

I have been using food delivery service quite frequently. Sometimes, it’s cheaper and faster to just pick up the food myself. Does the restaurant staff (esp. kitchen staff) use face masks? What is your experience when you pick up your food?

It’s legally required for them to wear one, at least as of the governor’s order of June 18.

Whether everyone is complying is anyone’s guess.

yes, everyone wears masks at all the places I have picked up from. Except one place didn’t, I drove by twice later and the owner was not any time, so I reported to the health department. There is a snazzy online form.

Thanks, Brian. Do you mind posting the weblink to the online form?

Sorry for the late reply, it was really easy to find so I expect you’ll find it yourself. SMC has their form here: and it’s not specific to COVID, restaurants have a large number of public health potential violations you can report.