Restaurant Reopenings [UK]

18 across the country - I’m assuming all 16 in England opened at the same time (the other two are in Scotland, whihc has not yet permitted restaurant reopenings).

It may not be the same across all of Spain, but the Canaries provincial government is pretty clear on the subject. You don’t have to wear a mask when you’re at the table eating (obviously), but entering & leaving the restaurant, or going to the toilet, you wear your mask. It’s one of the clear, determined restrictions that means Spain has got to grips with this better than the UK.


I do this automatically these days when I eat out, never leave the table without my mask.

More drama…

The temporary VAT cut was always going to be tricky. Personally I’m relaxed if places do not pass this on to the customer. I understand how difficult this period has been for restaurants and that they somehow need to boost their income to pay off debts. But I suspect I’m a minority - although possibly not amongst the food obsessives here - and most punters will be expecting their bills to reflect the reduction from 20% to 5%.

I’ll be content if my favourite local restaurants move to a model of “reservations only” with deposit (or credit card number in case of no show), reduced hours (goodbye to lunch times with only 2 tables occupied) and a shortened menu. Do that to stay in business and I’m with them all the way. My second meal out since lockdown was eased is on Wednesday and I’m interested to see how they are tackling things.

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More drama reported by the Beeb. The predictable downside of the generally positive “Rishi’s Dishes” scheme.

Some ignorant gobshites should never be allowed through the front door of a restaurant.

We’ll know how much of a success it’s been when it finishes at the end of the month.

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Seems like predictable human behavior. Give the wrong people “something for nothing” and it’s never enough…