Restaurant quality Brussels Sprouts - How?

I follow the recipe I linked above.
1.5 lbs sprouts to 1/4 cup olive oil.

I either spray, or put vegetables into a baggie, add oil, and massage thoroughly. The baggie method isn’t ideal for onion wedges, Brussels sprouts or broccoli, where massaging makes them come apart.


I really like this idea. Olive oil spray is going on my next shopping list right now!

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Last night - halved, generous oil (probably 1/4c for 1.5 lbs), tossed with s&p, garlic, smoked paprika.

475 on convection for 20 mins, then flipped everything and broiled for 5 to get some more color on the flat sides.

The char and crisp was great, the center of the sprouts were just barely overdone for my liking.

With hot sauce from the place whose sprouts we aspire to.


Spray oil is great for getting crispy breaded baked chicken or fish, too.

I haven’t tried the canned sprays (assuming that’s what people mean), but you can also get a do-it-yourself spray container. The one I used to have, you put in your own olive oil, pump up some pressure inside as if working a tiny bicycle pump, and it’s ready to go. Pros: use your own oil, any kind, you know exactly what’s in it, tastes great. Con: cooking oil plus air-pump mechanism plus cleaning equals I’d rather have to clean burnt potatoes off the bottom of a pot. If there was a way to make the manual sprayers easier to clean, the pre-canned sprays would go out of business.

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Misto. Very easy to clean.


If you love using a Misto this won’t be of interest—but here’s a workaround for non-fans and those who might not want to buy cooking spray. I had a Misto and couldn’t get it to work well enough for me, even after a very patient year of use.

For larger chunks of veggies and the like, eventually I landed on using a silicone pastry brush to quickly distribute a film of oil on the food to be roasted/baked.

Veggies cut smaller get tumbled around in a stainless bowl mixing bowl to distribute oil with a big spatula or impeccably clean hands. (If you have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, the bowl is super for this.)

My silicone pastry brush cleans up beautifully in my dishwasher. We each have our repertoires of tools and techniques that serve us well, so mileage may vary!

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Blanche, then sauté with bacon fat.

Garlic (chopped), mustard, honey and onions optional.

Garnish with salt and pepper to taste.

I prefer these suckers to M&Ms any day of the week

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