Restaurant North? Armonk, NY

(Gwenn) #1

Um - just heard that Restaurant North AND Market North are closing today - -buh bye. I have a reservation for Saturday, so… Anyone have any 411? There were an awful lot of time slots open on Open Table!


Just below your post (currently) is a discussion of a relatively new restaurant - Southern Table, Guess the South has won :expressionless:

(Gwenn) #3

I have no answers yet, but I called last evening to confirm my Saturday reservation. I got the answering machine. The message said they don’t honor reservations left on the machine. I left my " please call me to confirm" message, and they did not call back. So, either they are closing OR they are just plain rude. Honestly, if they are open I may cancel anyway because of that. Yep, these things annoy me.

Edited to say - they never called back and I cancelled my reservation. Even if they are open, they still have really bad customer service.


It’s very strange. They were advertising a wine dinner that was last night (Apr 12) on Instagram like two days ago. They can’t have had no idea if they already have a new lease for the space.

(Gwenn) #5

I didn’t know they had a new lease for the space. Passed today and all the shades were down. Their website says expired.


Lohud says closed:

(Bill) #7

Not sure what your reference to a lease is referring to. Was their lease up?

This is very sad news, although obviously it wasn’t the same after Eric left.

(Gwenn) #8

Good. Thanks for the info. Acutally, Lenny’s sounds good!


I’ve been to the Larchmont location a couple times, and it is pretty good. It won’t blow you away with its creativity, but it’s classic Italian steakhouse fare done well. (And there are duck fat home fries.)