Restaurant North? Armonk, NY

Um - just heard that Restaurant North AND Market North are closing today - -buh bye. I have a reservation for Saturday, so… Anyone have any 411? There were an awful lot of time slots open on Open Table!

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Just below your post (currently) is a discussion of a relatively new restaurant - Southern Table, Guess the South has won :expressionless:

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I have no answers yet, but I called last evening to confirm my Saturday reservation. I got the answering machine. The message said they don’t honor reservations left on the machine. I left my " please call me to confirm" message, and they did not call back. So, either they are closing OR they are just plain rude. Honestly, if they are open I may cancel anyway because of that. Yep, these things annoy me.

Edited to say - they never called back and I cancelled my reservation. Even if they are open, they still have really bad customer service.

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It’s very strange. They were advertising a wine dinner that was last night (Apr 12) on Instagram like two days ago. They can’t have had no idea if they already have a new lease for the space.

I didn’t know they had a new lease for the space. Passed today and all the shades were down. Their website says expired.

Lohud says closed:

Not sure what your reference to a lease is referring to. Was their lease up?

This is very sad news, although obviously it wasn’t the same after Eric left.

Good. Thanks for the info. Acutally, Lenny’s sounds good!

I’ve been to the Larchmont location a couple times, and it is pretty good. It won’t blow you away with its creativity, but it’s classic Italian steakhouse fare done well. (And there are duck fat home fries.)

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Well, this may turn out to be a dumb move, but Lenny’s North opened today and we have reservations for Saturday night. Probably not our smartest move but I’ll,hope for the best!

Haha well as long as you go in expecting it to be a little rough… And you’ll get a Hungry Onion scoop!:relaxed:

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