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Is this different from heavy cream?

The Supremo Italiano D.O.P. canned tomatoes from the Nocerino region of Italy are outstanding and reasonably priced. They are really tender and sweet and very consistent.

Sometimes. Heavy cream my be only 36% fat depending on the dairy.

Babette is correct. Heavy Cream can be either 36% or 40%. Sometimes the 40% is labeled as Heavy Whipping Cream. At my local RD they carry two brands of 40%. One is from a local dairy whose owners I know. The other is their brand James Farm. The two products are quite different. The James Farm is Ultra-Homogenized and has a long list of ingredients most of which I assume are stabilizers & preservatives to extend the shelf life. The local brand has no ingredients other than cream and is not ultra-homogenized. So - I buy local.

& They also carry Leidy’s Keilbassa which is pretty good for a mass produced Keilbassa. However, close to me is a Polish place that makes their own so I usually buy that. Continental Provisions… They have all great stuff. They make their won hot dogs w/ or w/out casings… Smoked ham hocks, hams. Lotsa good stuff.

Exactly. I didn’t think the 4% would make such a huge difference, but it REALLY does. 40% cream makes the most AMAZING whipped cream - so velvety, and much more stable than whipped cream made with 36% cream. I made some at Thanksgiving to go with my pies and I ended up just eating a bowl of whipped cream for dessert - it was that good.



Bio - my local RD now carries a small CO2 whipped cream maker/dispenser. I forgot to mention it in my list of ‘finds’. It’s the bomb - got myself one for Xmas. I never could quite pull the trigger on the big one - $69, but this little one is only $36.

It’s all about the fat.

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Is the 40% cream marketed that way or is it a specific brand? I’ll have to look for that!

And the bacon - always looking for good bacon.

I looked for sturdy deli tubs but I only found lighter weight ones - I would love a sleeve of the sturdy ones …

I can’t remember exactly what the carton looks like, but 40% Butterfat was definitely prominently displayed on the label. I imagine they carry different brands in different parts of the country.

Thimes - Webstaurant Store has a wide variety of deli cups.

My local RD carries James farm Heavy Cream in 36% and 40%. The cartons are different color. The Clover Farms (the local brand) is only avail in 40%.

I hope you got N2O cartridges, not CO2. Nitrogen makes a nicer foam, CO2 will whip cream but the carbonation is discernible and not as lovely. Of course if you want to make fizzy fruit and carbonate grapes or something, CO2 is the way to go.

Plus NO2 is a lot more fun to huff…


Ok, I need some help from you RD experts. I bought a bunch of meat at RD this weekend and I’m trying to decipher the labels! I bought a whole brisket, some short ribs and what I thought was shoulder clod, but as it turns out I think the clod is actually a package of Teres Major or petite filet only. The names are on the labels, but I am trying to figure out where the actual part numbers are so that I can easily tell the difference between the various cuts. For instance, there were at least 4 different types of short ribs that all looked more or less the same, but they were different prices. Some of this was due to the grade (select vs. choice), but there were a couple of choice cuts that looked the same but had slightly different titles and were different prices. Can you help me read these labels so I know what I’m looking at? Thanks in advance!

BTW, all of this meat was purchased at a new-to-me location, in Blauvelt NY just south of the Palisades Mall. Very nice store, not at all busy and better organized than the Mt. Vernon or Port Chester locations. Plenty of parking, too.

Several others mentioned the shallots - I love those too. Also the bags of washed parsley and cilantro. Pork shoulder for my pulled pork approx 1.50/#. Beef ribs. The RD by me (PortChester) stopped selling prime grade meat so I don’t get the primals anymore. Boxes of frozen lamb chops are great. They sell individual small bags of frozen fruit pulp (mango, pineapple, etc) which are very cheap and great for smoothies.

BTW, if you don’t have an EIN or a RD card, you can just ask for a one-day pass which they will give you… just ask for one. I have done this when I forgot my card at home. I suppose you could keep getting these one-day passes, wonder if they care?

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Buncha scores today… 15# case of bacon for $11.00… Roasted Turkey breast (deli meat) for $1.89#… Italian Sausage, sweet & hot for $1.89#… Freezer’s getting restocked.

I was always told that whipped cream needs to be charged with nitrous oxide. Does it whip properly with c02?

I misspoke. It charges with Nitrous not CO2

Usually restaurants order their meat by its NAMP #, although I’m not easily seeing it on these labels. But maybe this chart might help anyway?

Or this newer one[1].pdf

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