Restaurant and Food News, Winter 2019-2020 NY/CT/LI

Just starting this one with a request for info. Anyone have info in The Gramercy in Yorktown? I am checking out Graziella’s North in Mt. Kisco Saturday, so I’ll report back.

Edited to say - we had dinner at Graziella’s last night. Posted here:

I think I’ve been to the Gramercy… I will check and report back haha

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Hmm - doesn’t sound too memorable!

I looked at the website and sure enough we’ve been there and you are 100% correct that the food was not memorable. That said we really liked the restaurant itself and the bar area, along with the service, so we would go back to give it another try with tempered expectations. It wasn’t bad, just not anything special. We went for a date night and it was dark, romantic, and adults only- not a kid in sight.

Works for me!! :slight_smile:

I thought it would! :grin:

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Went to the La Cremalliere reboot last night. A friend had a gift certificate or we would not have gone after the scandal. It’s new owners. Same prices, if not higher and food and service are not nearly as good. For example - when the server explained the special leg of lamb I had to ask about the accompaniments. He told me a potato Napoleon. Upon further prodding about what was in the napoleon, he looked at me as if I had two heads and said potato. He failed to mention the spinach. Which I hate. I ate around it. The potatoes were not cooked completely. The lamb came blood rare - I ordered medium rare, and, after I sent it back for further cooking, came back blood rare. The bill for 4 came to $600 with the tip. We did have a bottle of wine that was $100. The place was not as crowded as it used to be either. Anyway, that’s it for that place for us!

Regarding The Gramercy, we went to their pre-opening party. The samples were OK, but not good enough to make me go back, especially at their rather high prices. They make a big deal about it being Manhattan atmosphere. I don’t care about that, I’m interested in the food.

We did have a pretty nice meal at Novecento Wood Burning Kitchen & Bar in Shrub Oak (northern Yorktown) recently. They got listed as the best pizza in Yorktown in the latest Westchester Magazine. I had a coupon from and they’re also on Local Flavor. The restaurant was almost full at 6pm on a Sunday, which is a good sign.

Thanks, MisterBill. Nice to see you here!!! :slight_smile:

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I had been worrying something bad had befallen MrBill. He was quiet for so long (including restaurant week.). Glad to hear from you again!

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I know!!! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks. I apologize for being MIA.

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Don’t be a stranger!!!

Just below Barnes and Noble on Central ave. in Yonkers something called “whole hog cafe” is being worked on. It seems to be a small chain and looks promising. Revenge and the others in river towns don’t do it for me.
Pizzeria Uno closed (Never understood how they stayed so long)
Smashburger - further up Central ave. is gone too - now only 95 other ones in the area to go to.

What about the one across from Wine Warehouse? I still haven’t tried them.

As far as I know, the one on Central Av e. is the only smash burger to close (ever). Seriously, I think it is still there- not a destination, but worth trying.

Right. For some reason it appeals to me. It smells great when I pass, and I loved a smashed burger!