Restaurant and Food News - Spring/Summer 2019 Edition (NY/CT)

Heard last night from a food blogger that Jean George will be selling the Inn at Pound Ridge. Can’t find anything about it, so stay tuned!

Locali Pizza in Mt. Kisco opened last weekend. Went last night. Review to follow.

Maybe I missed it but Umami in Croton closed last year. It had been sold a year earlier. Drove past yesterday and it seems like a Mexican place is going in. I really loved Umami when they first opened, and I remember when they had a second place in Fishkill (currently a law office) that was even better. I also remember when I pointed out typos in the menu on their website to co-owner Geoff Purdy who made it clear that he did not appreciate my trying to be helpful.

Also noticed that the place that used to be Zeytinia (and then Green & Grain for a short time) is now going to be Apple Farm. I don’t know if it is related to the store in White Plains (Route 119, next to the bowling alley) and Port Chester, but if it is, it’s great news. They have good produce at reasonable prices. Would be even better if they have the fresh fish like they do in WP (which is a separate operation since you have to pay cash at the counter).

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In Yorktown, there’s a new place called The Gramercy at 345 Kear Street (office building behind Mavis Tire (and the empty forer Food Emporium), used to be Kirbys).

Here’s the menu:

Yelp page with glowing reviews here but I take all of them with a big grain of salt. Likely friends/relatives/owners. Google has even more reviews and most are 5* (although one is 1*).

Their Instagram/FB pages claim they are having a Grand Opening today from 2-5 with cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. I’m assuming it’s free so I may go.

I was wondering about that place. Saw an ad for a server and wasn’t familiar with it. Surprised they don’t have a website, and I am wondering just how “upscale” it is.

I didn’t think this one would last. Loved the idea but when I went into the store it was underwhelming.

That was a terrible spot. I assume the gourmet place’s nail in the coffin was Whole Food opening. I wonder if people are revolting against having to pay to park there. I noticed that Fidelity is opening in Chappaqua Crossing, and will close their Mt. Kisco location in that same center.

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Apple Farm in Croton is apparently now open. Details and photos on this site:

They talk about prepared foods and grocery so it doesn’t sound like it’s the same as the White Plains location. If anyone goes, please post. I have to get my son from the train on Friday so I will stop by then if no one else does.

I was at Apple Farm in White Plains today and they confirmed that it’s them who opened in Croton. Looking forward to checking them out. They don’t necessarily have Whole Foods quality produce (or whatever your favorite high-end place is) , but the prices are much more reasonable. Very interested to see if the fish is as reasonable as in WP.

Hai Street Kitchen (the place with the sushi burrito) has closed at The Westchester’s Savor food court. Was there around dinnertime tonight and none of the places were busy. As usual, Melt Shop was the busiest.

I’m sure the failure of any of the places in The Westchester will be considered a failed experiment in bringing in restaurants as an incentive to come to (and stay) in the mall. Unfortunately , the selection is rather poor. None of the places bring anything to the table except high prices. Mighty Quinn was the only place that I had heard of and the reviews were very good , but what is sold in the mall is not only overpriced - but not even praiseworthy when not considering the price . pizza - meh, a good burger - not even close. Melt- granted a different operation but the melt on Mamaroneck ave blows this one out of the water. Not one place in there would / or could from day one be considered a destination. I’m not sure about the concept but the places brought in are not up to the job.

They were all places that have successful branches in Manhattan and elsewhere, often in food halls. So while you might not have heard of most of them or be up to your standards, they have successful branches elsewhere.

As you said, the problem is that they expected to be able to draw people to the mall to eat at these places, but I think that the folks who frequent food halls aren’t shopping at The Westchester, and the people who do shop there aren’t interested in these places. They’re offering free parking M-F with a $15 purchase up there to get people to come for a weekday lunch (presumably their lunch break) but I’m not sure how successful it is. They’re also offering 30 minutes (maybe 15?) free parking to run in and pick something up id you park near the valet area.

They may have reputations -I know Mq and hai street both did, but neither one served anything that remotely deserves praise. Hai street might have been too “different” for the area but mq, pizza place and wilsons (?) burgers are all very traditional and none serve anything exceptional - granted I may have to drive around the county, but I can find far better on any of these places without much difficulty.

I agree. They do eat at Nordstrom’s though. Gotta have that tomato soup. And they eat at Bloomies restaurant too. More like restaurants and less like a food hall.

A new cheese shop has opened in Pleasantville. It looks like they may have cheese plates and sandwiches available for dining in. I’ll try to get here in the next few weeks and report back!


DeCicco’s in Somers has opened and it is spectacular! Beautiful place with a 70 seat bar, chopped salad station and so much more. This area really has no markets so it’s really a great addition.

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Has anyone been to this new place?

I went to their grand opening where they had free samples. Tasted OK but the prices seemed kind of high.

So I’m not sure if this is good news or bad (or neither) but The Valley Table (the folks who run HVRW and also publish a free magazine) has been purchased by the parent company of Westchester Magazine.

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