Resilience in the face of adversity....................................

(I hope the video plays a friend of mine in Italy posted this to Facebook this was a restaurant in Venice last night)

Just another day at the office…


Sorry to see the flood. There is no regulation that restaurant should be closed due to hygiene reason?

Well don’t get me started on our health codes etc. I’m more amazed that the lights /power/electric all seems to be on and nobody is concerned about electrocuting themselves! I guess when you live in a city full of canals a little flooding doesn’t phase you.

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The kitchen is not flooded…BTW.

I think they are used to have this phenomenon, they already have prepared with the correct wiring etc. Look at the shops on the other street, they were lit and was doing business as the flood is normal. Crazy!

In France, people will become hysterical and stop working.

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Everyone appears so casual.

“Throw on your flood boots, lets go for pizza!”


Typo, or pun?:wink:/:grin:


Wow, I had heard of “aqua alta” in Venice before and now I can see what it’s actually like. You can view more images if you search using that term. The report here says the flooding now is at one of the highest levels ever recorded.

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A friend of mine posted that to. Amazing. In the US no way that would happen!

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