Researching potential Hong Kong trip

What’s a good current resource to research a potential Hong Kong trip? Used to read Chowhound of course, but the AP board is now quiet. the only recent posts were from Charles Yu from a few months ago. Outside of Chowhound, what are the websites/ magazines/ blogs do you use to read up on local dining news?

Of course I could reuse my to-eat list from the last trip and the old classics will still be relevant. But others could use some refreshing.


Check out this HK mag’s site.

Thanks for the link. I scrolled through about 5, 6 pages of front page. It looks like there are some interesting new restaurants popping up in Sai Ying Pun. I am guessing its the MTR line extension effect?

But LOL, the restaurant that I am most interested in after those 6 pages is the utterly unfashionable hole-in-the-wall home-style Delhi-Indian place Indian Curry Express. My kind of place. though i don’t know if I can bring myself to gorge on anything other than Chinese since, after all, its HK.

Looks like Cafe Deco is gone. The article mentioned good food good view. The only time I was there 13 years ago neither the food (I remember some ostrich dish) nor the view (it was foggy unfortunately) was good… And I was trying to impress someone…!

I only went to Cafe Deco because after weeks of mainland Chinese food (which as good) I craved something not so Chinese. This usually happens at the end of a (somewhat) long trip.

Go for that Indian place!

Just checked their web site and you’re correct, they’re closing on the 24th of this month.

Openrice Hong Kong:

I’ve found Openrice to be somewhat like Yelp. Can be useful if someone insight can be found, but potentially lots of noise given the rating system.

HK works on a number of levels. The hole in the wall places tend to not change that much (unless they close due to rent hikes) so there isn’t really a scene that changes that dramatically - unlike lots of other food cities (NY, London etc) where immigration brings new places. So any old list should be check for relocations and closures but good ones are probably still good.

Most change happens at the mid to top market, lots of openings and closures as fashions change. But also lots of visiting chefs or food specials depending on produce - this applies equally to the good local restaurants as much as it does to the imports.

For these HK Magazine, SCMP, Time Out, or even (surprisingly) HK Tatler’s dining section are good sources of openings, specials etc.

Very true - even down as far a Kennedy Town. The curry place l;looks interesting but quite a way from the SYP escalator around which most of the newer places cluster.


Yes, closures of old classics are always a bummer. I remember last time I was there, it was the last week of the Aberdeen Fish Market restaurant and I couldn’t get in. And I stayed literally across the street from the market! Also I just missed the fish ball place in Aberdeen by months.

The inevitable gentrification of Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town is worrying. The replacement of local joints with western restaurants catered to expats can be problematic. I especially hope that the many excellent Chiu Chow restaurants around that area don’t close because of rent hikes. That would be a shame. Sheung Wan, SYP, Kennedy Town has that genuine old Hong Kong vibe that I hope don’t disappear (I lived in Hong Kong for 18 years) and turn into the Eastern part of HK island, which is newer and undistinctive.

Any good source for current list of good private kitchens?

Light reading (from an Australian mag). Half is photos, however.


The author is such a tease- ‘days later a XLB almost as good as Lung King Heen in Sai Wan Ho’, but no name!

Thanks for the article.

A pretty rough first cut:

Chiu Chow:
Tak Kee
Hung’s Delicacy

Ap Lei Chau cooked food centre, forgot which stall
Star Seafood
Yuet Wah Hui

Noodle/ Wonton:
Sister Wah (beef brisket)
On Lee (fish ball)
alternatives to Mak An Kee- Left right neighbor/ Tasty/ Mak’s?
Tasty (airport)

Sang Kee
Mui Kee
Law Fu Kee?

Seventh Son
Lei Garden
Fu Sing- baked char siu

? Somewhat drawing a blank
T Hotel Training Restaurant ?

Shanghai/ Zhejiang:
Liu Yuan
Snow Garden
Hong Zhou Restaurant
Xiao Nan Guo
Shanghai Lu Yang Cun
Zhe Jiang Heen (Ye Shanghai’s former chef)

Si jie
Da Ping Huo
San xi lou
Yu Chuan

Roast Meat:
Yat Lok
Joy Hing?

Other HK:
Tsui Wah

Dessert/ Pastry:
Cōng Sǎo
Kung Wo (tofu)

Good source of tea:

Hotpot (maybe not):
Da Hong Pao

Yardbird/ Hokahoka

Kusuya Rakuen

Udon/ Ramen:

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